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Saturday November 25th | American Legion Forest Lake MN | 8pm: Thanksgiving Throw Down Scott Story faces his biggest challenge yet as he defends the MIW Championship against Mitch Paradise.  Arik Cannon takes on the debuting Oren Veidt, Stonehenge faces off against the debuting Josh Price

Saturday December 2nd | American Legion Chanhassen MN | 8pm: Holiday Havoc  Air Wolf challenges for the MIW Championship, Chris Jordan must find a partner to take on the Black Plague, CWIII in action

Saturday January 20th | American Legion Chanhassen MN | 8pm: Arik Cannon Challenges for the MIW Championship

Saturday January 27th | American Legion Forest Lake | 8pm

Saturday February 24th | Murzyn Hall Columbia Heights MN | 7pm: Chris Jordan puts his career on the line for a shot at the MIW Championship.

Saturday March 3rd | American Legion Forest Lake | 8pm

Saturday March 17th | American Legion Forest Lake | 8pm

Saturday April 14th |American Legion Chanhassen MN | 8pm: 10th Season Finale

Saturday April 28th | Holy Nativity Lutheran Church New Hope MN |  6pm: Chris Jordan and Black Stallion vs The Black Plague

Saturday June 30th | American Legion Forest Lake | 8pm


Event Preview: Holiday Havoc

Chanhassen-Dec_2_2017-HolidayHavoc.jpgSaturday December 2nd | American Legion Chanhassen MN | 8pm

After wowing crowds across the midwest, MIW had no choice but to grant Air Wolf a title match.  Soundly defeated Officer Rob Justice in Forest Lake in August sealed the deal.  How will MIW Champion Scott Story prepare for this unorthodox young talent?  Will Air Wolf win his first major title in professional wrestling?

In October, The Black Plague assaulted Mitch Paradise and Chris Jordan individually.  Now Chris Jordan has to find a partner as he tries to exact some revenge.  Will Chris Jordan be able to survive the Plague, or will he once again fall victim.  Can anyone stop the Black Plague?

Newcomer Rylie Jackson steps in the ring with heavyweight Chadwick Wentworth III.  It seems like MIW President Pete Huge is going out of his way to make Jackson’s early career in MIW extraordinary difficult.   Can young Rylie Jackson assert himself and score a much needed victory?

officer Rob Justice faces Mr Entertainment Ty Cooper

Cal Creed faces the Tomahawk Kid


Doors at 7:00

Matches at 8:00

Tickets $12.oo


Event Preview: Thanksgiving Throw Down

Saturday November 25th | American Legion Forest Lake MN | 8PM

Thanksgiving-Thowdown-Nov26_2017(1)Newly crowned MIW Champion may have run his mouth one time too many when he pronounced himself unstoppable.  This drew the challenge of the nearly 300 LB Mitch Paradise.  The second chapter of Scott Story’s title reign may be a short one, and by finally shutting up Story, Paradise may give the MIW faithful something to be thankful for.

The Dark Prophet Oren Veidt and The Minnesota Wrecker Josh Price each make their MIW debuts challenging Arik Cannon and Stonehenge Joseph Wayne respectively.  Will the two new MIW newcomers find that getting a win in MIW is one of the more difficult propositions in all of independent wrestling?

Doors at 7:00

Matches at 8:00

Event Preview: The Final Chapter

MIW-ForestLake-October-28-2017Saturday October 14th | American Legion Forest Lake| 8pm

Scott Story challenges JD Bandit in a Final Chapter Match.  The loser of this match will not be able to challenge the winner again, as long as the winner holds the championship. A feud that has been raging for over three years come to a head in Forest Lake as JD Bandit and Scott Story will clash one final time for the title!

Return Match: Mitch Paradise vs Chadwick Wentworth III.   In September, Mitch Paradise and CWIII fought tooth and nail in a tough battle.  When the match seemed in doubt, CWIII took a shortcut and hit Paradise with his golf club, getting disqualified

Chris Jordan tries to take on the Black Plague as he goes one-on-one with Heavy Metal Lore.

Mr Entertainment Ty Cooper vs Leonard Literacy.

Kids costume contest sponsored by MIW

Adult costume contest sponsored by the Legion .

Much much more.

Doors at 7:00

Tickets $12.00

Event Review: The Big Return

MIW returned in a big way to kick off the 10th season at the American Legion in Chanhassen.  The crowd was anxious to see some great pro wrestling action after a 7 month layoff and gave an enormous reaction to Mitch Paradise to start the show.

22467671_1691339690896882_2706869469781982939_o.jpgMitch Paradise brought out new MIW Champion JD Bandit who was glad to be back in MIW and he thanked Terry Fox for reinstating him.  Terry Fox unveiled the  new MIW logo and t-shirts.  This brought out MIW President Pete Huge.  Huge kicked Terry Fox out of the building and unveiled his new pink version of the MIW logo.  Pete Huge reminded everyone that he runs MIW and that Scott Story would defeat JD Bandit for the MIW Championship.  Stonehenge Joseph Wayne interrupted and threatened that a plague was coming to MIW, and he challenged Mitch Paradise.

22496225_1691339910896860_658167125515075518_oThe wildly popular El Bano returned to the Legion to a thunderous ovation.  El Bano opened the event facing Officer Rob Justice.   With the crowd firmly behind him, El Bano was able to kick off the 10th season at the legion with a hard fought win.


22467531_1691340080896843_499547464284078993_oRilye Jackson made his Chanhassen debut for MIW.  Ring announcer Laszlo was almost apologetic as he announced the nearly 300 lb Heavy Metal Lore as Jackson’s first opponent.  Lore brutalized Jackson.  Jackson put up a very impressive fight, considering the massive size difference, but it wasn’t enough. Lore was easily victorious.  After the match, Lore also threatened that a plague was coming to MIW.

22538733_1691340584230126_509369288911451938_oIn another MIW Chanhassen debut, the Tomahawk Kid challenged former Tag-Team Champion Aiden Wake.  When the fans last saw Wake in Chanhassen, they did not cheer for him, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, because Wake was able to get the crowd to rally around him. The Tomahawk Kid was able to score a controversial victory over Aiden Wake to cement himself as a contender in MIW.

22467505_1691341200896731_5613840123056784267_oMitch Paradise answered the challenge of Stonehenge Joseph Wayne in a massive hoss-fight.  Joseph Wayne showed vasts improvements in strength and confidence since his past encounters with Paradise, but Paradise still showed the MIW fans that he is the king of the MIW heavyweight division as he weathered Stonehenge’s assault and fired back on his own.   This brought out Heavy Metal Lore to help Stonehenge. The two men attacked Mitch Paradise and left him laying in a way that no one ever has. Stonehenge and Lore unveiled themselves as The Black Plague and their intentions to destroy MIW.

22550279_1691340720896779_7909701843990591421_oIn a match that would determine the #1 contender to the MIW Championship match at the January 20 Chanhassen event, Arik Cannon and Chris Jordan competed in the 4th match of the night.  With the crowd split between Jordan and Cannon, the two put on a back and forth clinic.  Chris Jordan was able to hit the Air Jordan elbow drop on Cannon, but Cannon, ever the crafty veteran, was able to roll Jordan back onto his back and secure the win.  Arik Cannon will challenge for the MIW championship on January 20th. After the match, The Black Plague returned and assaulted Chris Jordan.  Stonehenge put MIW on notice that all the old stars of MIW will be wiped out by The Plague.

22520142_1691342000896651_5500513501584647920_oIn the main-event of the evening, Scott Story challenged JD Bandit for the MIW Championship.  President Pete Huge had a plan up his sleeve to get the title back to Scott Story.  Huge appointed long-time associate, Rob Page, to be the referee.  Page was not calling the match down the middle, when he was inadvertently knocked down.  This brought out Pete Huge’s stooge, Tom T Butterman in the referee shirt to attempt to call the match.  JD Bandit captured Scott Story in the Scorpion Death Lock, when Butterman refused to call for the bell after Story tapped out, Legion manager, and MIW referee, Kenny Larson came out to the delight of the audience and called the match for JD Bandit.

MIW Returns to the Chanhassen Legion December 2nd for Holiday Havoc.  Air Wolf will receive a championship title match.

Next up for MIW: Story vs Bandit – The Final Chapter.  October 28th American Legion Forest Lake.



Event Preview: Mayhem at Murzyn

Friday November 1oth | Murzyn Hall Columbia Heights MN | 8pm


Join us for a special Friday edition as MIW makes one of its twice annual appearances at the always lively Murzyn Hall. This semi-regular stop during the MIW season always bring out some of the very best in MIW.

In keeping with the new trend in MIW of bringing in fresh faces, the team of Sleep-Over (Gorgeous Jordy Lee and Joey ‘Jet’ Avalon) make their tandem MIW debut against the Black Plague. This will be the biggest challenge to date for MIW’s monster team. Will it be lights out for Sleep Over, or will they be the cure for the Plague?

The Lion Open-Weight Championship is on the line as champion Ty Cooper defends against Electric Ryan Cruz. This is Ty Cooper’s first opportunity to defend MIW’s newest championship.

In a serious battle of the MIW Beef, Husky Heartthrob Kody Rice takes on Mitch Paradise

In a series of matches featuring new-comers vs veterans,
Riley Jackson takes on Chadwick Wentworth III
Cal Creed takes on El bano
and Tomahawk Kid takes in Chris Jordan in a remtach from their epic enounter in Ham Lake

As always, you never know what to expect at an MIW event and this promises to be no different.

Tickets $12.00

Doors 7:00
Matches 8:00

Event Review: Bandit vs Story

MIW made a special return visit to the American Legion in Forest Lake for a rematch six months in the making.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

The event opened with Officer Rob Justice vs Air Wolf.  Air Wolf is the most popular up-and-coming talent in the mid-west.  Every place he has been for MIW, he has captivated the crowd.  This card was no different.  Air Wolf was able to score a successful win over an experienced veteran.  The MIW fans have made noise, and MIW has heard them.  Air Wolf has earned a title match at our December 2nd event.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

MIW rookie Riley Jackson made his second appearance in front of an MIW audience and continues his winning ways.  Miami Money Aiden Wake appeared to take the youngster too lightly. Riley Jackson is a talent to watch in MIW.



Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

The Black Plague continued to roll through the competition in MIW.  The Plague had demanded MIW President Pete Huge find some suitable competition for them, but Huge used the opportunity to make an example out of Downtown Petey Brown.  Huge teamed Brown with Mr Entertainment Ty Cooper, and despite a valiant effort, the Plague was victorious.  Pete Huge seems to still be harboring ill feelings toward Petey Brown from their dance-off in July.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

In a match originally scheduled for May, Chadwick Wentworth III and Mitch Paradise met in the ring to determine who is the king of the MIW heavyweight mountain.  As always with these two, it was a brutal encounter.  Paradise impressively hit the fall-away slam on the nearly 270 lb CWIII.  Frustrated, CWIII grabbed the putter and blasted Mitch Paradise with it, causing a disqualification.    Paradise will get another opportunity to get his hands on CWIII when MIW returns to Forest Lake on October 28th.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

After the intermission, the fans were treated to Arik Cannon vs Ryan Cruz.  Over its lifetime, MIW has had WWE stars Erick Rowan, Shawn Diavari, Ken Anderson, Ariya Diavari, and Austin Aries, as well as NJPW star Juice Robinson, and ROH star The Beer City Bruiser.  We bring that up now only to highlight that with the long list of impressive talent that has passed through MIW,  Arik Cannon vs Ryan Cruz may have been the greatest match in the history of MIW.  These two have battled each other up and down the mid-west.  The fans in attendance were in treated to a breathtaking physical performance that may not be surpassed.   With the hometown crowd behind him, Arik Cannon claimed a very hard-fought victory.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

In the Main event of the evening, JD Bandit was able to exorcise 6 months of frustration and embarrassment suffered at the hands of Pete Huge and Scott Story.  Pete Huge tried to stack the deck against JD Bandit by appointing known crooked referee Rob Page to officiate the match.  Page was inadvertently knocked down and referee Willie Mack came out to fill in. JD Bandit captured Scott Story in the Scorpio Death Lock and was able to secure the submission victory and become a two time champion.

What will the fall out be when MIW returns to the American Legion in Chanhassen?  Do not miss MIW.

Event Preview: The Big Return

Saturday October 14th | 8pm| American Legion Chanhassen MN
MIW makes the long-awaited return to the Chanhassen American Legion to kick off the 11th season
Main Event: MIW Championship
Scott Story Challenges JD Bandit
After his shocking return to MIW, JD Bandit recaptured the MIW championship. Now all hell is going to break loose as an irrate Pete Huge and Scott Story are out for revenge. Will JD Bandit survive Pete Huge’s wrath?
Chris Jordan vs Arik Cannon
Heavy Metal Lore vs Officer Rob Justice
Mitch Paradise, El Bano, Ty Cooper, Aiden Wake, and the Chanhassen debuts of Tomahawk Kid and Alex Riley
Tickets $12.00

Event Review: MS Benefit

The MS Wellness Society of Minnesota brought MIW to Ham Lake for their third annual benefit event.  This was the biggest event we’ve had with the MS Wellness Society yet.

Courtesy of Effie Stop Photos

Riley Jackson made his MIW debut against the Super Lover.  This is Jackson’s first match since attending “The Academy” pro wrestling school.  Jackson was able to catch the Super Lover with a sunset flip and secure a victory in his first match.



Courtesy of Effie Stop Photos

“Rising Star” Shane Lockhart made his return to MIW after a two hear hiatus to take on the wildly popular El Bano.  Shane felt right at home in an MIW ring, but El Bano once again wowed the MIW fans and scored the big splash and the victory.



Courtesy of Effie Stop Photos

California wrestler Lockjaw made his debut appearance in MIW vs Mr Entertainment Ty Cooper. LockJaw grew up in Minnesota, but has never had the opportunity to wrestle in his home state.  He spared no time in ridiculing the MIW fans by telling them he was glad he moved away from MIW.  Ty Cooper came out to defend the honor of Minnesota.  The two clashed in a battle of bulls, but Ty Cooper came out victorious

Courtesy of Effie Stop Photos

Chris Corday made his MIW debut.  This young talent is a real up and coming sensation in the midwest both as a singles competitor and a tag team wrestler.  Officer Rob Justice was more than willing to test the youngster and see what he can do on an MIW roster.  Corday really impressed the MIW faithful with his size, look, and speed, but it was Officer Rob Justice who was able to utilize his night stick in controversial fashion and win the match.

Courtesy of Effie Stop Photos

MIW main-stay, former champion, Chris Jordan took on rookie Tomahawk kid.  Tomahawk kid has turned heads in the state of MN since his debut late last year, so much so that Jordan requested the match.  Tomahawk kid weathered an early onslaught from the veteran, and was able to turn the tables and batter Jordan on the ringside area.  Tomahawk kid allowed frustration to get the better of him and attempted to bring his war stick into the ring.  That gave Jordan the opportunity to take control and Jordan hit a brutal suicide dive to ultimately earn the hard-fought victory.

Courtesy of Effie Stop Photos

In what was scheduled to be a monster tag-team match, Mitch Paradise found a last minute replacement partner in Chainsaw King.  MIW fans have been buzzing about King since he was announced, and a die-hard portion of the MIW faithful have been demanding King be brought to MIW for over a year.  Paradise and King at over 600lbs formed a formidable duo for the Black Plague.  Stonehenge Joseph Wayne and Heavy Metal Lore have both been staples of MIW cards for the last year, but this was their debut pairing within the organization.  The Black Plague has been terrorizing other federations throughout MN and MIW could no longer contain them as singles competitors.  The four men engaged in an epic slugfest and awesome displays of power. After a momentary miscue by Paradise and King, the Plague was able to capture King in a double chokeslam and win the match.  WATCH OUT FOR THE PLAGUE.

Courtesy of Effie Stop Photos

In our main event, The Husky Heartthrob Kody Rice was finally granted the title match from Scott Story that he demanded back in May.  Story had an ace-up-his-sleeve and got Tom T Butterman appointed as the referee.  Butterman’s bias was not at all hidden as he skewed the match toward Scott Story.  Kody Rice ran into Butterman, causing him to get knocked out.  Referee Darin Davis came out to the ring and counted the three for Kody Rice to be the NEW MIW CHAMPION! However, Tom T Butterman disqualified Kody Rice for touching the referee, returning the title to Scott Story.

After the event, in a show of frustration, Kody Rice squashed Tom T Butterman in the corner with a Butter-roll.


Event Preview: Bandit v Story – The Rematch

Saturday September 30th | American Legion Forest Lake | 8PM

Forest Lake September30 2017(1).jpgMIW returns to the American Legion in Forest Lake for a rematch six months in the making.

Pete Huge and Scott Story thought they eliminated their biggest challenge when Pete Huge fired JD Bandit in March. But Terry Fox and JD Bandit had a trick up their sleeve and when Pete Huge missed yet another MIW event to be at his Mar-a-Lago vacation home, Fox made his move and reinstated JD Bandit.

Now Bandit and Story are set to meet for the Heavyweight Championship on SEPTEMBER 30th. Will this be the final Chapter for Scott Story?

Scott Story is Ready for JD Bandit

Special Challenge Match: Chadwick Wentworth III challenged Mitch Paradise to a match at this event after both men were successful at the Parking Lot Brawl Event. Who will be MIW’s resident hass?

Hometown favorite Arik Cannon vs Ryan Cruz

and so much more. Doors at 7:00. $12.00 admission


Scott Story defeats JD Bandit for the MIW Championship: Huge Fires Bandit

Event Review: Parking Lot Brawl

The rain moved the planned outdoor event indoors, but the neither action nor the atmosphere was damped as the MIW faithful cheered on their favorites.

Courtesy of Indulging Disorderly

To the surprise and delight of the fans the steel cage was already up when they entered the building and the crowd was buzzing for the match.   It was announced that Chris Jordan would not be at the event due to a family situation.  Ryan Cruz stormed out the ring and demanded competition.  MIW owner Terry Fox promised Cruz competition and brought back JD Bandit from his firing.  Fox declared that the winner of the cage match would get an opportunity to face Scott Story for the MIW Championship on September 30th.

JD Bandit showed early ring-rust, but showed the grit that made him a champion for nearly a whole year as he was able to defeat Ryan Cruz and become the #1 contender.

MIW debuted two new singles wrestlers at this Forest Lake card.  Both Tomahawk Kid and Cal Creed were impressive but both fell short in their debuts vs El Bano and Aiden Wake respectively.  Tomahawk Kid gets another opportunity in an MIW ring at our MS Wellness Event as he takes on former champion Chris Jordan.


Courtesy of Indulging Disorderly

MIW’s heavy hitter, Chadwick Wentworth III made an appearance at this card to take on “Mr Entertainment” Ty Cooper.  Wentworth III has made himself into a feared and respected competitor over the last 15 years and his reputation, regionally, is often intimidating enough before he even steps in the ring.   Since winning the LION Open-Weight Championship, Ty Cooper has stepped his game up against a higher level of competition, his next step will be to start winning some matches against the bigger name opponents.   Ty Cooper put up an impressive fight, but the bigger, stronger, more experienced Chadwick Wentworth III was able to secure the victory.


Courtesy of Indulging Disorderly

MIW’s two resident monsters Mitch Paradise and Stonehenge Joseph Wayne closed their ongoing rivalry with a brutal street fight.  Moving the action indoors didn’t stop the action from spilling all over the venue.  Seeing these gigantic men up close both delighted the MIW fans as well as had them scrambling out of the way.  Paradise withstood a barrage of attacks from Stonehenge including a kendo stick and garbage can, but once again, Mitch Paradise proved he was the top of the mountain in MIW when he defeated Stonehenge.   After the match, Chadwick Wentworth III challenged Paradise to a match on September 30th to see who rules the roost as the true big man of MIW.   Paradise agreed.   These two will first put those differences aside as they team up on September 9th to take on the Black Plague.