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Saturday February 24th | Murzyn Hall Columbia Heights MN | 7pm: Chris Jordan puts his career on the line for a shot at the MIW Championship.

Saturday March 3rd | American Legion Forest Lake | 8pm

Saturday April 14th |American Legion Chanhassen MN | 8pm: 10th Season Finale

Saturday April 28th | Holy Nativity Lutheran Church New Hope MN |  6pm: Chris Jordan and Black Stallion vs The Black Plague

Friday November 23rd | Murzyn Hall | Columbia Heights MN |  8pm


EVENT PREVIEW: Crooked Deals

Chanhassen-Mar3-2018-StoryMIW returns to the American Legion in Chanhassen.  8pm March 3rd.

After vacationing in Mara-Lago in January, MIW President Pete Huge makes his 2018 return to MIW’s home stage.  What plans will Pete Huge have up his sleeve for the MIW Champion?

JD Bandit makes his return to MIW after a 5 month hiatus.  How will the former champion be received by his rival Scott Story and President Pete Huge?

Can anyone survive the Black Plague?

January’s Chanhassen event was a turn away, standing room only, crowd.  Don’t miss Crooked Deals!

Doors at 7 | Bell at 8:00 | Tickets $12

Lucha Libre Live

Is your organization looking to add live Lucha Libre action to your Cinco De Mayo events?


Lucha Libre has been  growing in attention and fan engagement across the country and here in the midwest, with the MN Twins, MN FC United, and Mystic Lake Casino all utilizing elements of Lucha Libre as part of their marketing or entertainment packages over the last few years.


Partner with MIW and our 20 years of experience  of promoting professional wrestling in the midwest to make your Lucha Libre event the best possible. MIW has three timeslots available to work with you as part of your Cinco De Mayo festivities.  Early afternoon / late afternoon – early evening / late night.

Contact MIW to work with your venue and your budget to present the entertainment suitable to your target age group.


Best of 2017

MIW saw lots of crazy ups and downs this year but 2017 has by far been one of the most interesting in a long time.  MIW ran 20 live events in 2017 including two new venues, one of them being a new regular stop, the Forest Lake American Legion.  37 different wrestlers competed for MIW in 2017 including 15 debuts.  Before we turn the calendar to 2018, lets take a moment to recognize some of the great moments of 2017:


17545326_1483166851714168_4972971966935756438_oWrestler of the Year: Scott Story

Scott Story kicked off 2017 in the moment of the year (elaborated below) when he defeated El Bano giving Pete Huge control of MIW.  With Pete in charge, the path was paved for Scott Story to capture his first MIW championship and become the youngest MIW champion in a decade.   Scott Story successfully defended that title from March through October, taking on all comers in all venues, and performing masterfully along the way.  After a slight misstep in September, Story was able to recapture the MIW Championship in October to become the youngest two time MIW Champion ever, and the only man to win the MIW title twice in the same year.  It will be nearly impossible for Scott Story to top 2017 in 2018, but if anyone has the  potential to do it, it is this young star.


24302030_393147784456573_7264091771973745997_oImpact of the Year: The Black Plague.

Stonehenge and Heavy Metal Lore were already formidable opponents in their own right  prior to September, but when the two men, both over 6’6″ and both over 300 lbs decided to come together to form the Black Plague, they took MIW into their own hands.  In just the last three months of the year, the Black Plague has laid waste to the very best MIW has to offer?  Can anyone survive the Plague in 2018?

21731574_362556850849000_769001786761769550_oRookie of the Year:Rylie Jackson

Rylie Jackson is a testament to paying your dues in professional wrestling.  Upon receiving the blessing from his Academy instructors, Ken Anderson and Shawn Daivari, Rylie began showing up at MIW events to help out however he could, whether setting up the ring, taking ring jackets to the back, or just helping with the tasks of running a show, Jackson was eager to help with a great attitude all the way.  In September MIW management could no longer deny the great work ethic and gave Rylie Jackson an unscheduled, impromptu match-up, where he defeated the Super Lover.  It’s been off to the races ever since and Jackson has connected with the MIW audiences in a way that hasn’t been seen since JD Bandit’s rookie year, 3 years ago.  Considering Bandit won the championship in just his first year, the future looks bright for Rylie Jackson

24273576_538876493127523_4485563491651995293_oMost Improved Wrestler of the Year: Notorious Ryan Cruz

It would be nearly impossible to imagine that a 15 year veteran would be the most improved wrestler of the year, even more so when that wrestler is already considered one of the best independent wrestlers in Minnesota, but Ryan Cruz continued to wow MIW fans more and more each and every time out.  Cruz had epic matches challenging Scott Story for the championship, defeated MIW stalwart Chris Jordan on back to back occasions and was involved in Match of the Year with Arik Cannon.  Not only has Cruz elevated his game in 2017 in the ring, but in the gym as well.  Cruz transformed his physique in 2017 and his increased power and strength have allowed him to take his wrestling skills to the  next level.  Cruz’s series of matches in 2017 have solidified him as a perennial top contender in MIW.


22104628_1678024938895024_3065741039594557775_oMatch of the Year 9/30 Forest Lake American Legion: Electric Ryan Cruz vs Arik Cannon

Many of MIW’s faithful may not know that from 1999- 2015 MIW Owner, Terry Fox, was an instructor and coach in professional wrestling and ran a wrestling school in Minnesota.  Terry Fox has always had an affinity for his wrestlers and holds them in high-esteem.  This is important to note, because Arik Cannon and Ryan Cruz were not trained by Terry Fox, and Terry Fox could not stop gushing about the quality of this match, for days after the fact. The fan reaction was unbelievable and the fans in attendance were sure to let MIW know this match was phenomenal.  This match did not take place on one of MIW’s biggest cards of the year, but it as an excellent reminder, that every MIW card is a can’t miss card.

15895855_1398573500173504_9056144240069073240_o(TIE)Moment of the Year 2/18 Chanhassen American Legion: Pete Huge takes over MIW.

After retiring from active wrestling in the spring of 2016, a bitter and disgruntled Pete Huge returned to MIW in the fall.  Taking Scott Story under his wing, Pete Huge began to wage war on MIW and Owner Terry Fox.  It all came to a head in February when Scott Story faced El Bano with control of MIW on the line.  With help from a masked Russian associate (Huge denies) Scott Story defeated El Bano and Pete Huge has run MIW ever since.   What plans does Huge have for MIW in 2018?

23511341_1720320544665463_678145401865367299_o(Tie) Moment of the Year 11/10  Murzyn Hall Columbia Heights

MIW President Pete Huge decided to give Champion Scott Story the night off and Story did not attend the event.  MIW fan-favorite Chris Jordan, demanded the fans of MIW deserved a fighting champion who would be there and represent them.  Jordan demanded a title shot for the February 24th return date, and Huge only obliged if Jordan would put his career on the line against the title.  To a gasp from the audience, Jordan agreed to put his 15+ year career on the line.   Will this lead to Scott Story forcing Chris Jordan to retire being the 2018 moment of the year? We’ll have our answer on February 24th in Columbia Heights.


Event Preview: Risking it All

February 24th | Murzyn Hall Columbia Heights MN| 7pm

ColumbiaHeights_Feb24(1)Chris Jordan’s last match in MIW?
Title vs Career as Chris Jordan puts his 15+ year career on the line against the MIW Champion

MIW’s first women’s match in over a decade:
Ms Frankie Jay vs Brooke Valentine

LION Open-Weight Championship:
Mitch Paradise challenges Mr Entertainment Ty Cooper

James Jefferys vs Notorious Ryan Cruz

Rylie Jackson and Kyle Pro vs the Black Plague

Special 7:00 start time.

Event Preview: Pay the Price

January 27th | American Legion Forest Lake | 8PM

Forest-Lake_Jan-27-2018(1)MIW returns to Forest Lake a loaded card including two first-time MIW match-ups.

Kody Rice challenges for the MIW Championship

Grudge Match: Mitch Paradise vs Josh Price.
Price appeared at Thanksgiving Throwdown to cost Mitch Paradise the title. Will Paradise get a measure of revenge?


First time in an MIW ring: Chadwick Wentworth III vs Genuine Article Chris Jordan.

The Black Plague

Cal Creed vs Tomahawk Kid

Tickets $12.00

Doors at 7:00 | First match at 8:00

Event Preview: Anarchy in the New Year

January 20th | American Legion Chanhassen MN | 8PM


MIW kicks off 2018 with a bang as we return to home base, the American Legion in Chanhassen MN.

Anarchist Arik Cannon Challenges Scott Story for the MIW Championship

In October, Arik Cannon won the opportunity to challenge for the title.  Will this be the end of Scott Story’s fairy tale, will 2018 be Arik Cannon’s year? or Will 2018 be never-ending?

Chris Jordan vs Tomahawk Kid

Chadwick Wentworth III vs Cal Creed

El Bano vs Heavy Metal Lore

Will Mitch Paradise return to MIW? Paradise was suspended by Huge for the remainder of 2017.  While Paradise is scheduled to return on 1/27 in Forest Lake, will he show up at Anarchy in the New Year?

We will see everyone on the 20th.
Doors at 7:00, matches at 8:00

Event Preview: Holiday Havoc

Chanhassen-Dec_2_2017-HolidayHavoc-RevisedSaturday December 2nd | American Legion Chanhassen MN | 8pm

The MIW Champion makes his return to the American Legion in Chanhassen. Who will step up to be the next challenge?

In October, The Black Plague assaulted Mitch Paradise and Chris Jordan individually.  Now Chris Jordan has to find a partner as he tries to exact some revenge.  Will Chris Jordan be able to survive the Plague, or will he once again fall victim.  Can anyone stop the Black Plague?

Newcomer Rylie Jackson steps in the ring with heavyweight Chadwick Wentworth III.  It seems like MIW President Pete Huge is going out of his way to make Jackson’s early career in MIW extraordinary difficult.   Can young Rylie Jackson assert himself and score a much needed victory?

officer Rob Justice faces Mr Entertainment Ty Cooper

Cal Creed faces the Tomahawk Kid


Doors at 7:00

Matches at 8:00

Tickets $12.oo


Event Preview: Thanksgiving Throw Down

Saturday November 25th | American Legion Forest Lake MN | 8PM

Thanksgiving-Thowdown-Nov26_2017(1)Newly crowned MIW Champion may have run his mouth one time too many when he pronounced himself unstoppable.  This drew the challenge of the nearly 300 LB Mitch Paradise.  The second chapter of Scott Story’s title reign may be a short one, and by finally shutting up Story, Paradise may give the MIW faithful something to be thankful for.

The Dark Prophet Oren Veidt and The Minnesota Wrecker Josh Price each make their MIW debuts challenging Arik Cannon and Stonehenge Joseph Wayne respectively.  Will the two new MIW newcomers find that getting a win in MIW is one of the more difficult propositions in all of independent wrestling?

Doors at 7:00

Matches at 8:00

Event Preview: The Final Chapter

MIW-ForestLake-October-28-2017Saturday October 14th | American Legion Forest Lake| 8pm

Scott Story challenges JD Bandit in a Final Chapter Match.  The loser of this match will not be able to challenge the winner again, as long as the winner holds the championship. A feud that has been raging for over three years come to a head in Forest Lake as JD Bandit and Scott Story will clash one final time for the title!

Return Match: Mitch Paradise vs Chadwick Wentworth III.   In September, Mitch Paradise and CWIII fought tooth and nail in a tough battle.  When the match seemed in doubt, CWIII took a shortcut and hit Paradise with his golf club, getting disqualified

Chris Jordan tries to take on the Black Plague as he goes one-on-one with Heavy Metal Lore.

Mr Entertainment Ty Cooper vs Leonard Literacy.

Kids costume contest sponsored by MIW

Adult costume contest sponsored by the Legion .

Much much more.

Doors at 7:00

Tickets $12.00

Event Review: The Big Return

MIW returned in a big way to kick off the 10th season at the American Legion in Chanhassen.  The crowd was anxious to see some great pro wrestling action after a 7 month layoff and gave an enormous reaction to Mitch Paradise to start the show.

22467671_1691339690896882_2706869469781982939_o.jpgMitch Paradise brought out new MIW Champion JD Bandit who was glad to be back in MIW and he thanked Terry Fox for reinstating him.  Terry Fox unveiled the  new MIW logo and t-shirts.  This brought out MIW President Pete Huge.  Huge kicked Terry Fox out of the building and unveiled his new pink version of the MIW logo.  Pete Huge reminded everyone that he runs MIW and that Scott Story would defeat JD Bandit for the MIW Championship.  Stonehenge Joseph Wayne interrupted and threatened that a plague was coming to MIW, and he challenged Mitch Paradise.

22496225_1691339910896860_658167125515075518_oThe wildly popular El Bano returned to the Legion to a thunderous ovation.  El Bano opened the event facing Officer Rob Justice.   With the crowd firmly behind him, El Bano was able to kick off the 10th season at the legion with a hard fought win.


22467531_1691340080896843_499547464284078993_oRilye Jackson made his Chanhassen debut for MIW.  Ring announcer Laszlo was almost apologetic as he announced the nearly 300 lb Heavy Metal Lore as Jackson’s first opponent.  Lore brutalized Jackson.  Jackson put up a very impressive fight, considering the massive size difference, but it wasn’t enough. Lore was easily victorious.  After the match, Lore also threatened that a plague was coming to MIW.

22538733_1691340584230126_509369288911451938_oIn another MIW Chanhassen debut, the Tomahawk Kid challenged former Tag-Team Champion Aiden Wake.  When the fans last saw Wake in Chanhassen, they did not cheer for him, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, because Wake was able to get the crowd to rally around him. The Tomahawk Kid was able to score a controversial victory over Aiden Wake to cement himself as a contender in MIW.

22467505_1691341200896731_5613840123056784267_oMitch Paradise answered the challenge of Stonehenge Joseph Wayne in a massive hoss-fight.  Joseph Wayne showed vasts improvements in strength and confidence since his past encounters with Paradise, but Paradise still showed the MIW fans that he is the king of the MIW heavyweight division as he weathered Stonehenge’s assault and fired back on his own.   This brought out Heavy Metal Lore to help Stonehenge. The two men attacked Mitch Paradise and left him laying in a way that no one ever has. Stonehenge and Lore unveiled themselves as The Black Plague and their intentions to destroy MIW.

22550279_1691340720896779_7909701843990591421_oIn a match that would determine the #1 contender to the MIW Championship match at the January 20 Chanhassen event, Arik Cannon and Chris Jordan competed in the 4th match of the night.  With the crowd split between Jordan and Cannon, the two put on a back and forth clinic.  Chris Jordan was able to hit the Air Jordan elbow drop on Cannon, but Cannon, ever the crafty veteran, was able to roll Jordan back onto his back and secure the win.  Arik Cannon will challenge for the MIW championship on January 20th. After the match, The Black Plague returned and assaulted Chris Jordan.  Stonehenge put MIW on notice that all the old stars of MIW will be wiped out by The Plague.

22520142_1691342000896651_5500513501584647920_oIn the main-event of the evening, Scott Story challenged JD Bandit for the MIW Championship.  President Pete Huge had a plan up his sleeve to get the title back to Scott Story.  Huge appointed long-time associate, Rob Page, to be the referee.  Page was not calling the match down the middle, when he was inadvertently knocked down.  This brought out Pete Huge’s stooge, Tom T Butterman in the referee shirt to attempt to call the match.  JD Bandit captured Scott Story in the Scorpion Death Lock, when Butterman refused to call for the bell after Story tapped out, Legion manager, and MIW referee, Kenny Larson came out to the delight of the audience and called the match for JD Bandit.

MIW Returns to the Chanhassen Legion December 2nd for Holiday Havoc.  Air Wolf will receive a championship title match.

Next up for MIW: Story vs Bandit – The Final Chapter.  October 28th American Legion Forest Lake.