Event Preview: Roseville Rampage

SATURDAY June 16 2pm


MIW returns to Grumpy’s in Roseville with a second annual outdoor extravaganza.
This is the perfect opportunity to introduce a new fan to local, independent wrestling!
Heavyweight Challenge: Mitch Paradise vs Brick McCarthy
Brick McCarthy has been turning heads in local Minnesota promotions, and has caught the eye of Mitch Paradise. Paradise, the MIW cornerstone, requested McCarthy come to MIW and challenged him to a match. Will McCarthy make a huge statement at his MIW Debut?
Revancha de Lucha: James Tapia vs Super Lover stole the show at MIW’s Cinco de Mayo Lucha Libre Live event. After coming up short, the Super Lover has demanded a rematch. Can the rookie, Tapia, score a second upset over the veteran lucahdor, The Super Lover/
Joey the Jett Avalon makes his MIW return.
MIW President, “Playboy” Pete Huge will be at the Roseville Rumble with MIW Champion Scott Story, Tom T Butterman, and the newest Cabinet member, The Tomahawk Kid
El Bano, Kal Creed, and Kyle Pro all in action.
What kind of havoc will the Black Plague unleash?
Join us for a 2:00 bell time, with a special KISS tribute band to follow.


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