MIW Fan Code of Conduct

After every show we do, MIW wrestlers, referees, and management are continually humbled by the enthusiastic reception we receive from our audience. Since 1999, our great fans in attendance at every event, and  over the last 10 years,  at the American Legion in Chanhassen have been some of the most vocal and excitable crowds in the state of Minnesota.  MIW cannot thank you all enough.

What makes the fans of MIW so great is your enthusiasm; you great fans let your guard down and cheer loudly for your favorites and boo in disgust when other wrestlers cheat, break the rules, or are in other ways despicable.

This is all part of the fun of professional wrestling, and we want you, the fans to have fun.  But there is a line between fun and insensitivity.  We at MIW encourage you to boo individual wrestlers you don’t like..  However, we cannot condone or accept at our events derogatory slurs or racist remarks against an entire culture, gender, or ethnicity, based on how a wrestler chooses to represent that culture, race or ethnicity. 

The athletes and wrestlers who compete for MIW at Chanhassen, and all of our cards, take great pride in highlighting aspects of their personalities that they feel will best engage, entertain, and connect with you . While MIW may give suggestions to improve upon those presentations, we leave it to the wrestlers to express themselves in the way they feel is most complementary to them.

Some choose to wear a mask and become a super hero, some choose to portray another profession such as a doctor or police officer, some are huge scary men, with anger management issues who use the ring as an outlet for their aggression.  Some of our athletes choose to accentuate parts of their ethnicity or heritage in an attempt to stand out and connect.  MIW encourages all of these presentations.

MIW prides itself on being family friendly, and we ask BOTH our wrestlers AND our fans to be aware of the kids and families in the audience when choosing their language and their actions.   Local, live, pro wrestling brings together a wide swath of fans of all ages looking to enjoy themselves.  MIW wants everyone to have the most fun they can have, but we also want everyone to be respectful of everyone else around them.

Lets all have a great time, and keep MIW FUN!

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