Event Preview: Holiday Havoc

Chanhassen-Dec_2_2017-HolidayHavoc.jpgSaturday December 2nd | American Legion Chanhassen MN | 8pm

After wowing crowds across the midwest, MIW had no choice but to grant Air Wolf a title match.  Soundly defeated Officer Rob Justice in Forest Lake in August sealed the deal.  How will MIW Champion Scott Story prepare for this unorthodox young talent?  Will Air Wolf win his first major title in professional wrestling?

In October, The Black Plague assaulted Mitch Paradise and Chris Jordan individually.  Now Chris Jordan has to find a partner as he tries to exact some revenge.  Will Chris Jordan be able to survive the Plague, or will he once again fall victim.  Can anyone stop the Black Plague?

Newcomer Rylie Jackson steps in the ring with heavyweight Chadwick Wentworth III.  It seems like MIW President Pete Huge is going out of his way to make Jackson’s early career in MIW extraordinary difficult.   Can young Rylie Jackson assert himself and score a much needed victory?

officer Rob Justice faces Mr Entertainment Ty Cooper

Cal Creed faces the Tomahawk Kid


Doors at 7:00

Matches at 8:00

Tickets $12.oo


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