Event Review: The Big Return

MIW returned in a big way to kick off the 10th season at the American Legion in Chanhassen.  The crowd was anxious to see some great pro wrestling action after a 7 month layoff and gave an enormous reaction to Mitch Paradise to start the show.

22467671_1691339690896882_2706869469781982939_o.jpgMitch Paradise brought out new MIW Champion JD Bandit who was glad to be back in MIW and he thanked Terry Fox for reinstating him.  Terry Fox unveiled the  new MIW logo and t-shirts.  This brought out MIW President Pete Huge.  Huge kicked Terry Fox out of the building and unveiled his new pink version of the MIW logo.  Pete Huge reminded everyone that he runs MIW and that Scott Story would defeat JD Bandit for the MIW Championship.  Stonehenge Joseph Wayne interrupted and threatened that a plague was coming to MIW, and he challenged Mitch Paradise.

22496225_1691339910896860_658167125515075518_oThe wildly popular El Bano returned to the Legion to a thunderous ovation.  El Bano opened the event facing Officer Rob Justice.   With the crowd firmly behind him, El Bano was able to kick off the 10th season at the legion with a hard fought win.


22467531_1691340080896843_499547464284078993_oRilye Jackson made his Chanhassen debut for MIW.  Ring announcer Laszlo was almost apologetic as he announced the nearly 300 lb Heavy Metal Lore as Jackson’s first opponent.  Lore brutalized Jackson.  Jackson put up a very impressive fight, considering the massive size difference, but it wasn’t enough. Lore was easily victorious.  After the match, Lore also threatened that a plague was coming to MIW.

22538733_1691340584230126_509369288911451938_oIn another MIW Chanhassen debut, the Tomahawk Kid challenged former Tag-Team Champion Aiden Wake.  When the fans last saw Wake in Chanhassen, they did not cheer for him, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, because Wake was able to get the crowd to rally around him. The Tomahawk Kid was able to score a controversial victory over Aiden Wake to cement himself as a contender in MIW.

22467505_1691341200896731_5613840123056784267_oMitch Paradise answered the challenge of Stonehenge Joseph Wayne in a massive hoss-fight.  Joseph Wayne showed vasts improvements in strength and confidence since his past encounters with Paradise, but Paradise still showed the MIW fans that he is the king of the MIW heavyweight division as he weathered Stonehenge’s assault and fired back on his own.   This brought out Heavy Metal Lore to help Stonehenge. The two men attacked Mitch Paradise and left him laying in a way that no one ever has. Stonehenge and Lore unveiled themselves as The Black Plague and their intentions to destroy MIW.

22550279_1691340720896779_7909701843990591421_oIn a match that would determine the #1 contender to the MIW Championship match at the January 20 Chanhassen event, Arik Cannon and Chris Jordan competed in the 4th match of the night.  With the crowd split between Jordan and Cannon, the two put on a back and forth clinic.  Chris Jordan was able to hit the Air Jordan elbow drop on Cannon, but Cannon, ever the crafty veteran, was able to roll Jordan back onto his back and secure the win.  Arik Cannon will challenge for the MIW championship on January 20th. After the match, The Black Plague returned and assaulted Chris Jordan.  Stonehenge put MIW on notice that all the old stars of MIW will be wiped out by The Plague.

22520142_1691342000896651_5500513501584647920_oIn the main-event of the evening, Scott Story challenged JD Bandit for the MIW Championship.  President Pete Huge had a plan up his sleeve to get the title back to Scott Story.  Huge appointed long-time associate, Rob Page, to be the referee.  Page was not calling the match down the middle, when he was inadvertently knocked down.  This brought out Pete Huge’s stooge, Tom T Butterman in the referee shirt to attempt to call the match.  JD Bandit captured Scott Story in the Scorpion Death Lock, when Butterman refused to call for the bell after Story tapped out, Legion manager, and MIW referee, Kenny Larson came out to the delight of the audience and called the match for JD Bandit.

MIW Returns to the Chanhassen Legion December 2nd for Holiday Havoc.  Air Wolf will receive a championship title match.

Next up for MIW: Story vs Bandit – The Final Chapter.  October 28th American Legion Forest Lake.



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