Event Preview: The Final Chapter

MIW-ForestLake-October-28-2017Saturday October 14th | American Legion Forest Lake| 8pm

Scott Story challenges JD Bandit in a Final Chapter Match.  The loser of this match will not be able to challenge the winner again, as long as the winner holds the championship. A feud that has been raging for over three years come to a head in Forest Lake as JD Bandit and Scott Story will clash one final time for the title!

Return Match: Mitch Paradise vs Chadwick Wentworth III.   In September, Mitch Paradise and CWIII fought tooth and nail in a tough battle.  When the match seemed in doubt, CWIII took a shortcut and hit Paradise with his golf club, getting disqualified

Chris Jordan tries to take on the Black Plague as he goes one-on-one with Heavy Metal Lore.

Mr Entertainment Ty Cooper vs Leonard Literacy.

Kids costume contest sponsored by MIW

Adult costume contest sponsored by the Legion .

Much much more.

Doors at 7:00

Tickets $12.00

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