Event Review: Bandit vs Story

MIW made a special return visit to the American Legion in Forest Lake for a rematch six months in the making.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

The event opened with Officer Rob Justice vs Air Wolf.  Air Wolf is the most popular up-and-coming talent in the mid-west.  Every place he has been for MIW, he has captivated the crowd.  This card was no different.  Air Wolf was able to score a successful win over an experienced veteran.  The MIW fans have made noise, and MIW has heard them.  Air Wolf has earned a title match at our December 2nd event.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

MIW rookie Riley Jackson made his second appearance in front of an MIW audience and continues his winning ways.  Miami Money Aiden Wake appeared to take the youngster too lightly. Riley Jackson is a talent to watch in MIW.



Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

The Black Plague continued to roll through the competition in MIW.  The Plague had demanded MIW President Pete Huge find some suitable competition for them, but Huge used the opportunity to make an example out of Downtown Petey Brown.  Huge teamed Brown with Mr Entertainment Ty Cooper, and despite a valiant effort, the Plague was victorious.  Pete Huge seems to still be harboring ill feelings toward Petey Brown from their dance-off in July.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

In a match originally scheduled for May, Chadwick Wentworth III and Mitch Paradise met in the ring to determine who is the king of the MIW heavyweight mountain.  As always with these two, it was a brutal encounter.  Paradise impressively hit the fall-away slam on the nearly 270 lb CWIII.  Frustrated, CWIII grabbed the putter and blasted Mitch Paradise with it, causing a disqualification.    Paradise will get another opportunity to get his hands on CWIII when MIW returns to Forest Lake on October 28th.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

After the intermission, the fans were treated to Arik Cannon vs Ryan Cruz.  Over its lifetime, MIW has had WWE stars Erick Rowan, Shawn Diavari, Ken Anderson, Ariya Diavari, and Austin Aries, as well as NJPW star Juice Robinson, and ROH star The Beer City Bruiser.  We bring that up now only to highlight that with the long list of impressive talent that has passed through MIW,  Arik Cannon vs Ryan Cruz may have been the greatest match in the history of MIW.  These two have battled each other up and down the mid-west.  The fans in attendance were in treated to a breathtaking physical performance that may not be surpassed.   With the hometown crowd behind him, Arik Cannon claimed a very hard-fought victory.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

In the Main event of the evening, JD Bandit was able to exorcise 6 months of frustration and embarrassment suffered at the hands of Pete Huge and Scott Story.  Pete Huge tried to stack the deck against JD Bandit by appointing known crooked referee Rob Page to officiate the match.  Page was inadvertently knocked down and referee Willie Mack came out to fill in. JD Bandit captured Scott Story in the Scorpio Death Lock and was able to secure the submission victory and become a two time champion.

What will the fall out be when MIW returns to the American Legion in Chanhassen?  Do not miss MIW.

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