Event Review: MS Benefit

The MS Wellness Society of Minnesota brought MIW to Ham Lake for their third annual benefit event.  This was the biggest event we’ve had with the MS Wellness Society yet.

Courtesy of Effie Stop Photos

Riley Jackson made his MIW debut against the Super Lover.  This is Jackson’s first match since attending “The Academy” pro wrestling school.  Jackson was able to catch the Super Lover with a sunset flip and secure a victory in his first match.



Courtesy of Effie Stop Photos

“Rising Star” Shane Lockhart made his return to MIW after a two hear hiatus to take on the wildly popular El Bano.  Shane felt right at home in an MIW ring, but El Bano once again wowed the MIW fans and scored the big splash and the victory.



Courtesy of Effie Stop Photos

California wrestler Lockjaw made his debut appearance in MIW vs Mr Entertainment Ty Cooper. LockJaw grew up in Minnesota, but has never had the opportunity to wrestle in his home state.  He spared no time in ridiculing the MIW fans by telling them he was glad he moved away from MIW.  Ty Cooper came out to defend the honor of Minnesota.  The two clashed in a battle of bulls, but Ty Cooper came out victorious

Courtesy of Effie Stop Photos

Chris Corday made his MIW debut.  This young talent is a real up and coming sensation in the midwest both as a singles competitor and a tag team wrestler.  Officer Rob Justice was more than willing to test the youngster and see what he can do on an MIW roster.  Corday really impressed the MIW faithful with his size, look, and speed, but it was Officer Rob Justice who was able to utilize his night stick in controversial fashion and win the match.

Courtesy of Effie Stop Photos

MIW main-stay, former champion, Chris Jordan took on rookie Tomahawk kid.  Tomahawk kid has turned heads in the state of MN since his debut late last year, so much so that Jordan requested the match.  Tomahawk kid weathered an early onslaught from the veteran, and was able to turn the tables and batter Jordan on the ringside area.  Tomahawk kid allowed frustration to get the better of him and attempted to bring his war stick into the ring.  That gave Jordan the opportunity to take control and Jordan hit a brutal suicide dive to ultimately earn the hard-fought victory.

Courtesy of Effie Stop Photos

In what was scheduled to be a monster tag-team match, Mitch Paradise found a last minute replacement partner in Chainsaw King.  MIW fans have been buzzing about King since he was announced, and a die-hard portion of the MIW faithful have been demanding King be brought to MIW for over a year.  Paradise and King at over 600lbs formed a formidable duo for the Black Plague.  Stonehenge Joseph Wayne and Heavy Metal Lore have both been staples of MIW cards for the last year, but this was their debut pairing within the organization.  The Black Plague has been terrorizing other federations throughout MN and MIW could no longer contain them as singles competitors.  The four men engaged in an epic slugfest and awesome displays of power. After a momentary miscue by Paradise and King, the Plague was able to capture King in a double chokeslam and win the match.  WATCH OUT FOR THE PLAGUE.

Courtesy of Effie Stop Photos

In our main event, The Husky Heartthrob Kody Rice was finally granted the title match from Scott Story that he demanded back in May.  Story had an ace-up-his-sleeve and got Tom T Butterman appointed as the referee.  Butterman’s bias was not at all hidden as he skewed the match toward Scott Story.  Kody Rice ran into Butterman, causing him to get knocked out.  Referee Darin Davis came out to the ring and counted the three for Kody Rice to be the NEW MIW CHAMPION! However, Tom T Butterman disqualified Kody Rice for touching the referee, returning the title to Scott Story.

After the event, in a show of frustration, Kody Rice squashed Tom T Butterman in the corner with a Butter-roll.


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