Event Review: Beers and Bodyslams Forest Lake

Forest-Lake2-July-1-2017The faithful fans of MIW kicked off their 4th of July festivities with some good old fashioned American style pro wrestling.  Minnesota Independent Wrestling’s athletes and wrestlers did not disappoint at our wildest outing yet of the summer.

In our opening contest, fan favorite Jake Savage defeated Wrestle Machine 804 to remain undefeated in his new run in MIW.

Former allies Ty Cooper and Stonehenge Joseph Wayne wrestled a powerful lumbering match.  Each man knew each other so well that holds and counter holds were hard to come by.  In the end, Ty Cooper was victorious and continues his hot streak in MIW.


Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

Electric Ryan Cruz enlisted the help of Manager Tom T Butterman for his contest against Butterman’s former charge, Aiden Wake.  The move paid off as Cruz was victorious over wake, extending his record in Forest Lake to 3-0.



Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

Nearly 15 years ago, Rob Justice was a student at MPW’s Maple Grove wrestling facility where a young Arik Cannon was an assistant trainer.  It was a great moment for long-time fans to see how far these two have come in their contest at Beers and Bodyslams.  Rob Justice pulled out all of his tricks (old and new) but in the end, Arik Cannon once again proved he was the teacher, as he taught Rob Justice a lesson in humility.  The Forest Lake faithful were delighted to see the hometown star, Arik Cannon, get back on his winning track in MIW.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

In a highly anticipated match, MIW newcomer Heavy Metal Lore, took on 20 year veteran Chadwick Wentworth III.  Both of these over 250lb men spilled their fight onto the floor and all over the Legion.  Lore finally caught CWIII in the black hole slam and scored a very impressive win over the veteran.


Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

In the main event of the evening, MIW President, “Playboy Pete” Huge, had an ace up his sleeve as he appointed Tom T Butterman as the special referee for the title match between Scott Story (c) and El Bano.  After Butterman let the match get out of hand, El Bano blind sided him.  This brought out referee Willie Mack to call the match down the middle.  El Bano landed the Bano Bomb Splash on Scott Story.  As Willie Mack neared the three-count, Tom T Butterman called for the bell and disqualified El Bano for putting his hands on the referee.  As Scott Story Escaped with the title, El Bano decked Butterman, and landed the Bano Bomb splash on him, leaving Butterman lying in a heap in the ring.

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