Event Review: Season 10 at the Legion Finale

Minnesota Independent Wrestling said thank you and goodbye to the American Legion in Chanhassen until Fall.  The 10th season ended with a bang, as Tom T Butterman and his associates seemingly disbanded after nearly three-years on top of MIW, at one time holding all the available championships.

Our photographer was not available for this event, so please enjoy our hard-cam captured matches.  As always, you can see all of MIW’s matches at our YouTube channel.

The night was scheduled to begin with Chadwick Wentworth III vs Air Wolf, however a scheduling conflict caused Wentworth to cancel on the event.  Mitch Paradise took it upon himself to challenge Air Wolf.  Even though giving up a massive size and experience advantage, Air Wolf was able to rally with the support of the fans and somehow snatch victory.

Air Wolf Steals a Victory from Paradise

Tom T Butterman, James Dawson, Aiden Wake, and Stonehenge Joseph Wayne made their way to the ring to bring out Ty Cooper and tried to force him to apologize for leaving their group.  Cooper refused and  Chris Jordan and El Bano came out as backup for Cooper.  This led to Chris Jordan going one-on-one with Stonehenge.  Jordan took a severe beating in this matchup.  A glimmer of hope appeared when he low-bridged the top rope and sent Stonehenge spilling to the floor.  Jordan tried to use this momentum to swing the match, but Aiden Wake came out and cost Chris Jordan the victory by count-out

Stonehenge with a Count-Out Victory Over Chris Jordan

MIW President, Playboy Pete Huge, came out to address the crowd and take full credit for the last 10 years of MIW at the Legion.  He then brought out the MIW Champion, Scott Story, and informed Story and the MIW faithful that he could not find a suitable challenger for the title and that Story would have the night off.  This brought out Heavy Metal Lore who hijacked the show until he was declared the challenger.   American Legion GM Paul Shellum stepped in and said that if Huge couldn’t deliver a title match, he may have to find a different wrestling promotion for his 11th Season.  Huge acquiesced and made the title match for later that evening:  Heavy Metal Lore v Scott Story

“Miami Money” Aiden Wake w/ Tom T Butterman took on Chanhassen favorite, El Bano.  Bano had the match well in hand when Stonehenge appeared from the back to return the favor to Wake from earlier in the evening.  When Butterman had the referee distracted, Stonehenge was able to chokeslam Bano, allowing Wake to get the tainted victory.

Miami Money Aiden Wake Steals a Victory from El Bano

James Dawson and Ty Cooper broke into MIW together.  They met at Terry Fox’s wrestling school where they learned the ropes with one another.  They struggled and toiled separately for two years until teaming up in 2015.  That teamwork, helped James Dawson to become the youngest MIW champion in history.  This was not a partnership built on friendship or respect, this was a partnership built on opportunity, and when James Dawson felt he no longer had a use for Ty Cooper, he kicked him to the side.  Ironically, Cooper would go on to win championship gold after the split, but none the less, the bad blood was already brewing.

James Dawson w/ Tom T Butterman vs Mr Entertainment Ty Cooper was a scheduled grudge match.  The two went back and forth with all the venom an athlete can muster against someone one who used to be on the same team. Years of pent-up frustration and anger boiled over.  Cooper seemed to have the match in hand, when once again, Aiden Wake and Stonehenge interfered, causing a disqualification.  Jordan and El Bano returned to the ring to the aide of Cooper and challenged Dawson, Wake, and Stonehenge to a six-man tag match for that evening. Tom T Butterman hastily accepted.

In our Main-Event of the evening, MIW Champion Scott Story retained his title over Heavy Metal Lore via Disqualification.  MIW President Playboy Pete Huge had a trick up his sleeve and employed well known crooked-referee, and former Junk Squad manager, Rob Page to be the referee for the evening.  Even with the deck stacked against him, the giant Lore nearly had the match won.  After hitting his black-hole-slam on Story, a mysterious man in a Russian mask assaulted Lore with the chair, right in front of Rob Page.  This left Page no choice but to award Lore the match by disqualification, allowing Scott Story to retain the title.  MIW president Pete Huge continues to deny any knowledge of masked Russian interference.

Heavy Metal Lore with the Victory by Disqualification Over Scott Story

In a bonus match of the evening, James Dawson, “Miami Money” Aiden Wake, and “Stonehenge” Joseph Wayne w/ Tom T Butterman vs “Genuine Article” Chris Jordan, “Mr Entertainment” Ty Cooper and El Bano in a six man tag.  The match started off wild as all six men brawled all over the Legion Hall.  Finally settling down, Butterman’s team was able to isolate the smallest member of the other team, Chris Jordan and start to try and break him down.  Aiden Wake spent a little too much time on the top rope, allowing Chris Jordan to hit a superplex out of desperation, and allowing Jordan to tag Ty Cooper.  Once again the  action spilled to the floor, where El Bano sent Stonehenge crashing through a table.  This allowed Ty Cooper to hit James Dawson with the power glove, and secure the victory.  After the match, a years worth of frustration finally blew, as Tom T Butterman’s team finally disintegrated.

Tom T Butterman and Associates Implode

Whats next for Tom T Butterman?

Be sure to join MIW for our Beers and Bodyslams Tour, all summer long.

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