Event Review: Forest Lake Fights II

The American Legion in Forest Lake MN was host to a raucous night of wrestling action as MIW returned for Forest Lake Fights II; and the stars of MIW did not disappoint the wild fans.

Courtesy of Heel Turn Radio

Jake Savage was victorious in his MIW debut against the returning Super-Lover. The crowd was curiously split between the powerful and athletic Savage and the eccentric Super-Lover.  In the end Savage was able to deliver a masterful spine-buster on Super-Lover to score the victory.



Courtesy of Drake Ann Disorderly 

Terry Fox came out to address the crowd and thank them for attending.  Benjamin Stacks interrupted him and pointed out that while MIW President, Pete Huge, was out of town, he would be in charge, not Fox.  Then Stacks, along with Stonehenge and Aiden Wake attempted to advance on Terry Fox, but Mitch Paradise and Ty Cooper came to Terr Fox’s aid.

“Miami Money” Aiden Wake w/ Benjamin Stacks defeated “Mr Entertainment” Ty Cooper.  Cooper was able to land some masterful throws, but  Stacks blinded him with powder, allowing Wake to get the win.

The wildly popular El Bano defeated the returning Officer Rob Justice

jordan cruz ffll
Courtesy of Drake Ann Disorderly

The Genuine Article Chris Jordan and Electric Ryan Cruz continued their feud from Forest Lake Fights I.  Cruz took advantage of a miscue by Jordan and viciously attacked Jordan’s knee.  Jordan valiantly fought back and he and Cruz spilled out to the floor.  Jordan battered Cruz from one end of the Legion to the other, but at the last moment, Cruz was able to escape from Jordan and roll into the ring at the last minute to beat the ten-count and win the match by count out.

Courtesy of Drake Ann Disorderly

After a disqualification at Forest Lake Fights I, Mitch Paradise and Stonehenge Joseph Wayne had some unfinished business.  The two monsters wowed the MIW fans with their size and strength.  Benjamin Stacks tried to interfere on behalf of Stonehenge, but Terry Fox returned to the ringside area to run Stacks off.  In the confusion, Paradise was able to defeat Stonehenge with his giant choke-slam

In our main event of the evening, MIW Champion Scott Story was successful against in his first title defense as champion against Forest Lake’s returning son, Arik Cannon.  Cannon seemingly had the championship won, when Scott Story countered Cannon’s sunset flip attempt and grabbed the top rope to secure the victory behind the referee’s back.

Cannon Story
Courtesy of Drake Ann Disorderly 

Chris Jordan takes to the air against Ryan Cruz (Fan Capture)

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