Wrestler Spotlight: Scott Story

One of the most in-demand wrestlers in the Midwest, the MIW Champion, Scott Story is turning heads of both fans and promoters.  It is hard to believe that Scott Story has been an active wrestler for just over three years with all of the accomplishments he has already achieved.

Story started16700351_1669387789743701_4795261308746491723_o training to become a professional wrestler with the legendary Harley Race. When life situations changed his course, he found himself training under the guidance of Minnesota training legend, Terry Fox.  Story was a natural, and with his training partner, JD Bandit, quickly became a mainstay on MIW cards.

Ever the opportunist, Scott Story took full advantage of the spotlight on  October 17th 2015 when he and JD Bandit defeated the Junk Squad for the MIW Tag-Team Championships ending their nearly 5 year reign.  Within moments of the victory, Story turned on his partner, and friend, and drove him through a table, leaving JD Bandit a bloody mess.  Scott Story would go onto say that he didn’t want the tag-titles if it meant sharing the spotlight.

Scott Story again grabbed opportunity, when Pete Huge returned to MIW in an attempted (and successful) takeover of control of MIW.  Story’s decision to align with Huge paid off, as he defeated his former ally, JD Bandit, on March 25th 2017 to capture the MIW Heavyweight championship ending Bandit’s 364 day reign.

With championships in MIW, and BattleGround Pro Wrestling, as well as strong showings in Fully Loaded Wrestling, Prime Time Wrestling, and F1rst Wrestling, its obvious Story hasn’t let the disdain from the fans derail him from his goals.

The Never-Ending Scott Story

Scott Story and JD Bandit defeat The Junk Squad for the MIW Tag-Team Championships

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