Event Review: Triple Threat

JD Bandit Dethroned, Fired.

MIW returned to the American Legion in Chanhassen MN for a huge evening built around our first Triple-Threat match in over 7 years.

MIW President, Pete Huge, started off the show by addressing the MIW faithful. Huge kicked Terry Fox out of the building and made him purchase a ticket to reenter.

17492900_1483164508381069_6662169906631971319_o (2)
Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertianment

Pete Huge again denied interference from a masked Russian at End Game to help he and Scott Story win the MIW Championship. He then decl
aired that JD Bandit was “Not (his) Champion” and declared Scott Story as the MIW Alternative Champion.  Then, in an attempt at insult, Huge ordered El Bano to sign the National Anthem.  El Bano beautifully sang the National Anthem to the delight of the crowd.  This raised the ire of Huge even more, as he brought out Chadwick Wentworth III to wrestle El Bano.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

In the first match of the evening, Chadwick Wentworth III defeated El Bano.  Wentworth, as he’s done since his return to MIW, continued to try and embarrass and belittle Lauren, the MIW DJ.  El Bano used this as the distraction he needed to mount an attack on CWIII. After hitting two Bano splash’s in the corner, El Bano seemingly had the match won until the mask Russian appeared to distract the ref.  This gave Wentworth III the opportunity to hit El Bano with the golf club and win the match.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

The wildly popular upstart Air Wolf made his American Legion Chanhassen debut for MIW and dazzled the Chanhassen faithful with his areal assault.  The rookie was able to secure a win over Aiden Wake.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

In a grudge-match carried over from End Game, Mr Entertainment Ty Cooper was able to extract a small measure of revenge over his former stable-mate “Stonehenge” Joseph Wayne after hitting Wayne with the Power Glove off the top rope.  After the match Ty Cooper issued a challenge to James Dawson for our May 6th Season Finale.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment 

In a rematch in our heavyweight division from New Year’s Knockout, Heavy Metal Lore asked for another opportunity to go one-on-one with the standard-bearer of the MIW Heavyweights, Mitch Paradise.  When asked by Paradise why Lore thought he would do any better in this rematch Lore told Paradise that in January, he was in awe of the legend that Paradise was, but after being in the ring with him, he knows Paradise isn’t a legend, just a man.  Lore and Paradise had a brutal brawl all over the legion that saw Paradise bash Lore with a garbage can.  Both men showed off impressive feats of strength as Paradise threw the 275 lb Lore over his head in a fall away slam, and Lore was able to secure the victory with a Black-Hole Slam on the 290 lb Paradise.

Before the Main-Event could get underway, Chadwick Wentworth III reemerged and issued a challenge to Air Wolf for May 6th.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

 CWIII gave kudos and credit where due to Air Wolf’s meteoric rise in professional wrestling, from an unknown rookie to a hot commodity in less than one year. But, Wentworth pointed out that in his 17+ years, he’s seen dozens of potential stars fade, crash, and burn, before they could even shine.  Will that be the fate of the Air Wolf or will the youngster have what it takes to overcome a true wrestling veteran on May 6th?

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

In our advertised main-event of the evening, MIW fans were treated to an edge-of-their-seat triple-threat match.  Due to injuries, this match, JD Bandit v Chris Jordan v James Dawson, had not been able to be scheduled since September and the animosity all three of these men felt towards one another was palpable.  Jordan and Bandit started off on the same page and dispatched of James Dawson before turning their attention to each other.  The match broke down into an all out brawl with each man scoring several near-falls.  Jordan had completely dispatched Dawson and seemingly won the match with a pile-driver, when Bandit pulled Jordan off the cover and locked him in the Scorpion Death Lock.  With Dawson incapacitated and unable to break-up the hold, and Jordan nowhere near the ropes, Jordan was forced to tap-out, allowing JD Bandit to retain the title for a 364th day in a row. One day short of a year.

After the match a melee ensued when Aiden Wake and Stonehenge attacked Jordan and Bandit.  Ty Cooper emerged to even the odds.  Jordan and Cooper fought Wake and Stonehenge to the back allowing the Masked Russian to attack JD Bandit and leave him prone and bloody in the ring.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

This brought out MIW President Pete Huge with an announcement that there would be one more match, and granted Scott Story an MIW Championship match right there.  After already competing over 20 minutes in a Triple Threat match, and nearly concussed by getting hit with the title, Bandit was in no opportunity to put up a fight. Valiantly, he kicked out twice on Scott Story’s attempts but when Scott Story hit the G-Spot, there was no kicking out.  Scott Story was declared the new MIW Champion.

To add insult to injury, Pete Huge then fired JD Bandit.

Join us for the season finale back at the Chanhassen American Legion May 6th for all the fallout.

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