Event Review: Forest Lake Fights

MIW made its Forest Lake debut on 3/18/207 and the outpouring was off the chart.  MIW fans were treated with a great night of professional wrestling and MIW was humbled by the response, so vocal that the venue signed a return engagement that very same night.  Thanks to the demand of the fans, Forest Lake Fights II will take place April 22nd.


Forest Lake Times
Courtesy of Forest Lake Times

MIW Would also like to extend a special thank you to the Forest Lake Times for their coverage of the event as well.

A surprise return to MIW by Forest Lake’s own “Anarchist” Arik Cannon kicked off the evening as he defeated “Mr Entertainment” Ty Cooper in a fantastic match.

MIW fan-favorite El Bano won over the Forest Lake crowd as he has in every other venue we’ve performed.  El Bano was victorious over Aiden Wake

Courtesy of Drake Ann Disorderly

The Genuine Article Chris Jordan and Electric Ryan Cruz renewed their rivalry.  Long-time fans of both men will remember the Junk Squad vs NorthStar Express feuds that traveled from the rings of Midwest Pro Wrestling, to Northern Impact Wrestling, to F1rst Wrestling, and various other promotions in between.  Jordan and Cruz wrestled a blistering pace and each pulled out all of their tricks.  Cruz was victorious by grabbing the ropes on a sunset flip attempt and secured the highly-controversial win.   Chris Jordan has been granted a REMATCH for Forest Lake Fights II.  Will Jordan once again even the score in their feud?

Courtesy of Drake Ann Disorderly

In a monster battle in the MIW heavyweight division, Mitch Paradise and Stonehenge Joseph Wayne wowed the crowd with their impressive size.  Although a relative newcomer, Stonehenge was able to go toe-to-toe with Paradise.  Paradise was able to capture Stonehenge in a fall-away slam and threw the 330+ pounder over his head.  Stonehenge’s partner, Aiden Wake interrupted the match and Paradise won by disqualification. But, a competitor like Paradise is not satisfied with a win by DQ and he challenged Stonehenge to a rematch at Forest Lake Fights II.

Courtesy Drake Ann Disorderly

In the main-event of the evening, MIW President attempted major interference on Scott Story’s behalf in an attempt to dethrone MIW Champion JD Bandit.  Having seen enough, Arik Cannon emerged from the back to pull Pete Huge from the ringside area BY THE TIE!  This distraction gave the Champion, Bandit, the opening he needed to retake control of the match and defeat Scott Story.

An irate Pete Huge wasted no time in match-making, setting up Arik Cannon vs Scott Story for Forest Lake Fights II.

Join us back at the American Legion in Forest Lake April 22nd at 8pm

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