Event Preview: TRIPLE THREAT

Saturday March 25th American Legion Chanhassen 8PM: TRIPLE THREAT


Triple Threat for the MIW Heavyweight Championship: Chris Jordan vs James Dawson vs JD Bandit (c)

Heavy Metal Lore Challenges Mitch Paradise.  Paradise defeated Lore at our New Year’s Knockout event, but Lore feels more confident with each outing.  A win over Mitch Paradise would catapult him to the top of the Heavyweight division for certain.

El Bano vs Chadwick Wentworth III.  El Bano is clearly on President Pete Huge’s short list of enemies and Huge looks to make an example of El Bano by putting him up against one of the biggest, baddest men in all of MIW, CWIII.

Grudge Match: Mr Entertainment Ty Cooper vs Stonehenge Joseph Wayne.  At the conclusion of the hair-vs-mustache match, as Ty Cooper shaved his beloved “face mane” and was at his most vulnerable, Aiden Wake, Tom T Butterman, and Stonehenge Joseph Wayne attacked and humiliated Cooper.  Now, with a new outlook, Cooper is seeking redemption against the largest of his former stable mates.  Will the MIW ring be able to contain this level of aggression?

Plus, The Chanhassen debut of Air Wolf, Aiden Wake, Scott Story, Pete Huge and so much more

Tickets just $12.00. Doors at 7:00 Matches at 8:00. Tickets sell out FAST!

“Genuine Article” Chris Jordan with a man-to-man challenge for JD Bandit regarding the upcoming triple threat match

The conclusion to the Hair-vs-Mustache Match, leading to the Grudge Match between Ty Cooper and Stonehenge Joseph Wayne





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