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MIW’s largest audience of 2017 was on-hand to witness MIW’s most unique card in the last 5 years.  The MIW Rumble, and under card provided a great night of wrestling entertainment.





Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

The debuting Air Wolf teamed with MIW main-stay and perinial fan-favorite El Bano to team against former MIW Tag-team Champions “Miami Money” Aiden Wake and “Stonehenge” Joseph Wayne, DTF.  This is the first teaming of the former champs since they lost the championship in May 2016.  After a dazzling display of offense by Air Wolf, DTF was able to regain their poise and secure the victory


Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

The Anarchist Arik Cannon defeated the debuting Giant Griffin




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In a match that was originally scheduled by Terry Fox, “Never Ending” Scott Story was scheduled to take on “Husky Hearththrob” Kody Rice.  However new MIW President “Playboy” Pete Huge said that Scott Story would NOT be competing prior to his spot in the MIW Rumble, which Huge reminded everyone would be the final spot.  Huge introduced “Downtown” Petey Brown as Story’s replacement.   Kody Rice went on to defeat Petey Brown with the “Butter Roll” for the pinfall.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment


James Dawson defeated “The Genuine Article” Chris Jordan for the LION Open-weight championship.  During the match, referee Action Jackson, was incapacitated, this brought out Dawson’s cronies DTF and Tom T Butterman to assault Jordan.  Ty Cooper, El Bano and Air Wolf came to Jordan’s aid, but in the melee, Bano smooshed Jordan in the corner, allowing Dawson to get the pinfall.   In light of the controversial ending, the title’s sponsor, the Columbia Heights Lions decided hold up the title and declared that the winner of the MIW Rumble would be the new Lion Open-Weight Champion.

Courtesy of Knoced Out Entertainment

JD Bandit successfully defending the MIW Championship against Mitch Paradise.  Many had questioned what condition Bandit would be in after Paradise’s relentless locker room assault a week ago in Chanhassen, but  Bandit rose to the occasion to retain the title and cap 11 months as the champion.  After the match, Mitch Paradise declared himself an entrant in the MIW Rumble.


MIW Rumble

  1. 17017051_1451914994839354_1539028915254937747_o
    Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

    Leonard Literacy

  2. Downtown Petey Brown
  3. Husky Heartthrob Kody Rice
  4. Tomahawk Kid
  5. Air Wolf
  6. El Bano
  7. Heavy Metal Lore  – ELIMINATION #1: Tomahawk Kid by Heavy Metal Lore
  8. Mitch Paradise – ELIMINATION #2: Petey Brown By Mitch Paradise. ELIMINATION #3: Leonard Literacy by Heavy Metal Lore. ELIMINATION #4 Kody Rice by Mitch Paradise
  9. Tom T Butterman (was immediately chokeslammed and hid under the ring)

    Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment
  10. Giant Griffin
  11. Miami Money Aiden Wake – ELIMINATION #5 Heavy Metal Lore by Mitch Paradise
  12. “Genuine Article” Chris Jordan
  13. James Dawson – ELIMINATION #6 Mitch Paradise By El Bano, Chris Jordan, Air Wolf, and Giant Griffen
  14. Anarchist Arik Cannon – ELIMINATION #7  Giant Griffin by Arik Cannon
  15. Mr Entertainment Ty Cooper
  16. Stonehenge Joseph Wayne – ELIMINATION #8 Aiden Wake by El Bano
  17. “Never Ending” Scott Story – ELIMINATION #9 Air Wolf by Scott Story

    Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment
  18. “Playboy” Pete Huge – ELIMINATION #10 Arik Cannon by Pete Huge. ELIMINATION #11 Pete Huge by El Bano. ELIMINATION #12 EL Bano by Stonehenge. ELIMINATION #13 Scott Story by Chris Jordan. ELIMINATION #14 Chris Jordan by Stonehenge (w/ help from Scott story). ELIMINATION #15 James Dawson by Ty Cooper. ELIMINATION #16 Tom T Butterman by Ty Cooper. ELIMINATION #18 Stonehenge by Ty Cooper
Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

Winner, and new Lion Open-Weight Champion: Mr Entertainment Ty Cooper

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