Event Review: End Game

Russian Interference?

Credit: Knocked Out Entertainment

February 18th 2017 MIW returned to the Chanhassen American Legion for a match 5 months in the making.  The tension between Playboy Pete Huge and Terry Fox could no longer be contained.  The biggest match in the history of MIW El Bano on behalf of Terry Fox vs Scott Story on behalf of Pete Huge.   Earlier in the week Terry Fox had been assaulted by two men in a parking lot, and hospitalized.  Fox described one of the attackers as having a red mask with white hammer and sickle.  As fate would have it, this man showed up to cost El Bano the match, and catapult Pete Huge into power in MIW. Earlier in the evening Terry Fox had added the stipulation of 2-out-of-3 falls for this contest, with El Bano winning the second fall and clearly in the dominant position, Pete Huge’s apparent ally appeared.  Of course, Huge claims no knowledge of this person.

Pete Huge and Scott Story’s viral post-match press conference available here:

Also in the evening

Credit: Knocked Out Entertainment

“Husky Heartthrob” Kody Rice  overcame outside interference from Tom T. Butterman and defeated Stonehenge Joseph Wayne by successfully utilizing his off the apron flying hip attack.


Credit: Knocked Out Entertainment 




Chadwick Wentworth  III defeated Heavy Metal Lore in another MIW heavyweight match-up.  Wentworth had his trademark golf club confiscated by the referee. Ever the crafty veteran, Wentworth had a second club stashed under the ring which he used to bloody the face of Lore and claim the victory.




Credit: Knocked Out Entertainment

In MIW’s first ever hair-vs-mustache match, “The Genuine Article” Chris Jordan defeated “Mr Entertainment” Ty Cooper. True to his word, Cooper shaved his mustache off after the match.  Then his Cohorts, Stonehenge and Aiden Wake, turned on Cooper and assaulted him.  In a noble gesture, Chris Jordan returned to assist Cooper and share with the audience some words of respect that he has for Ty Cooper .


Credit: Knocked Out Entertainment

That entire match is available here as an exclusive bonus from Minnesotaindependentwrestling.com:

16797377_1446713652026155_5478367141706500928_oIn our Championship match, JD Bandit successfully retained the title against seemingly impossible odds against Mitch Paradise.  After the match however, Mitch Paradise attacked JD Bandit.



Minnesotaindependentwrestling.com obtained video of the attack:

Bandit and Paradise will meet again at The MIW Rumble. Saturday 2/25 at the Murzyn Hall in Columbia Heights

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