Breaking News: Fox Hospitalized

Coon Rapids MN, Feb 16th

After leaving an early  dinner at Kendall’s with his wife, Christine, Terry Fox was assaulted in the parking lot. As far as Fox has been able to retell, there were two men, both jumped him from behind.  In cowardly fashion, both men had their faces covered.  One man was wearing an all black ski-mask, all black hood and a pink scarf.  The other, was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with a red mask with a Soviet Era Russian Hammer and Sickle across the face.

Terry Fox is currently in stable condition at an Unity Hospital in Fridley.  Fox suffered several injuries including broken ribs.

   Although the doctors have not given Fox the go ahead, Terry Fox promises he will be in Chanhassen this Saturday night for the epic showdown between El Bano and Scott Story.  With both Pete Huge’s career in MIW and Terry Fox’s role as commissioner on the line. will keep abreast of any new involvments and report them here, and our FaceBook and Twitter feeds.

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