Event Review: 2/11 Holy Nativity Benefit Show

Minnesota Independent Wrestling made its annual stop at Holy Nativity Lutheran Church for a special live event that benefited Holy Nativity’s Youth Ministry, Avenues for Homeless Youth, and CEAP.

Courtesy of Knockedout Entertainment

The action was live and the crowd was loud throughout the whole night.  In the first match-up, the Black Stallion made his 9th appearance at the Holy Nativity event to a huge ovation.  Due to a scheduling change, Black Stallion wrestled Scott Story, who was contacted on only a few days notice.  Scott Story undoubtedly used that as his excuse for coming up short. But no excuses would be heard by the crowd in New Hope as they cheered on the Black Stallion.

Rob Page was announced as the referee for the second match, which brought anger and confusion from the crowd.  Chris Jordan interrupted, and questioned Page’s motives; pointing out that Page had managed Jordan’s last six opponents in an attempt to embarrass him in front of his ‘home crowd’ at Holy Nativity.  Page apologized profusely and said that he has seen the error of his ways . As he was leaving the ring, Chris Jordan was brutally assaulted by Heavy Metal Lore.  Eventually, referees Rob Page and Action Jackson were able to get between Lore and Jordan, but not before Lore had made an example out of Jordan.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

The second match of the evening saw Stonehenge Joseph Wayne (w/ Tom T Butterman) compete with “The Husky Heartthrob” Kody Rice.  Rice had the match well in hand until Butterman got involved and turned the attention of Kody Rice, allowing Stonehenge to get the controversial victory.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

6% Bodyfat Rob James made his long over-due return to MIW and took no time berating the MIW fans for being out of shape.  When he then offered a challenge to any one, crowd-favorite, El Bano appeared to take him up on the challenge.  In a turn of either good luck, or trickery, Rob James could not turn the much larger El Bano over onto his back after El Bano missed the second rope Bano Bomb.  As Rob James pleaded with referee for assistance, El Bano scored a quick roll-up and was victorious.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

MIW Champion JD Bandit defended his title against Mr Entertainment Ty Cooper.  Cooper had been eyeing up February as his coming out party as this was the first of three high-profile matches in the month. Cooper and his manager, Tom To Butterman had a plan in place to dethrone Bandit. However, referee Rob Page had had enough of Butterman’s shenanigans and disqualified him from the ringside area.  In the confusion JD Bandit was able to grab Ty Cooper in the scorpion death-lock and retain his championship via tap-out victory.  Will this derail Ty Cooper’s momentum going into MIW’s first-ever Hair-vs-Mustache match?

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

In the Main event of the evening, Chris Jordan went one-on-one with Heavy Metal Lore. What Lore lacks in ring experience, he more than makes up for in brute size and strength. Lore viciously assaulted Jordan from the onset, first silencing the stunned crowd, then eliciting raucous boos.  Lore dominated Jordan throughout.  Jordan, the veteran, just needed one mistake and when Lore made it, he capitalized in the corner.  After landing a brutal jumping knees on Lore, Lore spilled to the outside and Jordan followed it up with two suicide dives.  Finally getting Lore off his feet referee Rob Page halted the count at two and walked out of the match, once again trying to cost Jordan a victory in this building.  Lore landed the Heavy Metal slam on Jordan, bringing out referee Action Jackson. After a kick-out by Jordan, an enraged Lore choke-slammed the referee.  Lore then went on the assault, brutally beating Chris Jordan on the floor.  Jordan ducked out of a charge, causing Lore to crash into the ring post. Jordan followed it up with THREE top rope elbows and the Holy Nativity Pastor himself ran in to count the final three as somehow, miraculously, Chris Jordan defeated Heavy Metal Lore in the wild main event.

A very special thanks to our sponsors: Frankies Pizza, Farrell’s Xtreme Bodyshaping, and Healthsource of Plymouth for their generous support.


BONUS: Chris Jordan vs Heavy Metal Lore – Full Match

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