Event Review: New Year’s Knockout

MIW opened up 2017 with a bang Saturday Night, January 7th.  As we made our return to the Chanhassen American Legion.  The fans on-hand quickly filled up the event space and were treated to an unforgettable night of wrestling action.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

Black Stallion made his return to MIW and wasted no time alienating the entire room. Fans, Legion Employees, MIW Employees alike were not spared Stallion’s verbal barrage.  Black Stallion even took it upon himself to force MIWs 15 year-old music technician Lauren Simon into the ring where he verbally berated her as incompetent.  MIW Champion JD Bandit had heard enough and came out to stand up for Lauren, the Legion and the fans of MIW and invited Lauren to be in his corner for the main event.


Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainement

Mitch Paradise made his return from recent knee surgery looking as massive and impressive as ever as he battled newcomer to the MIW heavyweight division Heavy Metal Lore.  MIW fans in attendance marveled at the physicality between two men both well over 275 lbs.   Paradise once again was victorious and showed, in an impressive win, why he feels he should be the top contender to the heavyweight crown.


Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

MIW crowd favorite “The Genuine Article” Chris Jordan defeated Miami Money Aiden Wake with his top rope “Air Jordan” elbow drop in a fast-paced high flying affair.



Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

Playboy” Pete Huge escorted “Never Ending” Scott Story out to the ring. Before the next contest could start, Huge once again laid into MIW owner Terry Fox. Huge referred to Terry Fox as “Crooked Terry” and Huge claimed El Bano was not on the card this evening because Huge had built a wall around Chanhassen.   Story’s opponent “Electric” Ryan Cruz came out to cut Huge short and get to the match.  Cruz seemingly had the match won, when Pete Huge hit the G-Spot on him behind the referees back, and then Scott Story hit a second G-Spot for the victory.  After the match, Huge and Story continued to assault Cruz.  Terry Fox pulled Huge and Story away from Cruz, but that caused Huge and Story to ATTACK Terry Fox.  MIW officials quickly made it out to the ring and stopped any further damage and sent Huge and Story to the back.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainement

After an intermission break, Pete Huge returned to the ring to challenge Terry Fox to a match on February 18th.  Before Fox could accept, American Legion GM Paul Shellum pointed out that neither man was medically cleared to wrestle and he couldn’t allow it in his building.  Terry Fox, with a heavy heart, pointed out that after Huge was forced to retire from the ring, he wanted to still have a spot for Huge in MIW. But he can not have Huge come out every show and disparage him and the company, the fans just don’t deserve to have to sit through that.  Fox challenged that he would pick a wrestler, and Huge would pick a wrestler and if Fox’s wrestler won, Huge would be gone from MIW forever.  Huge agreed but countered with the stipulation that if his wretsler won, then Huge gets to run MIW. Fox agreed.

The match is set. Saturday February 18th Scott Story w/ Pete Huge vs El Bano w/ Terry Fox for control of MIW and the future of Pete Huge.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

Wrestling action returned with one of MIW’s most memorable matches in the 10 seasons at the legion.  Tom T Butterman’s associates “Mr Entertainment” Ty Cooper and Stonehenge Joseph Wayne defeated Wrestle Machine 804 and the Red Pirate when Cooper pinned Wrestle Machine 804.

Ty Cooper now has a lot of momentum going into his hair vs mustache match ,February 18th  against Richard Lansing

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

In the main event of the evening, JD Bandit withstood an hellasious onslaught from the Black Stallion, but managed to weather the storm and once again retain the MIW Championship.  Bandit is entering his 11th month as MIW champion.

After the match, Mitch Paradise came out, seemingly to congratulate JD Bandit. However, Paradise showed his true motives as he challenged JD Bandit to a title match, then attacked JD Bandit.  Mitch Paradise left the ring with JD Bandit still lying on the mat.

MIW Returns to the American Legion in Chanhassen on Saturday, February 18th with a huge event:

  • Mitch Paradise Challenges JD Bandit for the MIW Championship
  • Mr Entertainment Ty Cooper vs Mr Big Deal Richard Lansing in MIW’s first ever Hair vs Mustache Match
  • Maybe the biggest match in the history of MIW.  El Bano w/ Terry Fox vs Scott Story w/ Pete Huge.  If El Bano wins, Pete Huge is gone from MIW.  If Scott Story wins, Pete Huge runs MIW.

You can also be sure to check out other great MIW events this winter and spring here.


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