Wrestler Spotlight: “Mr Entertainment” TY Cooper

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

A five-year veteran of the MIW ring, “Mr Entertainment” is one of pro wrestling’s hidden gems.  Having already been through one wrestling training facility, Cooper was determined to further hone his craft at MIW’s “Foundation” wrestling academy run by Terry Fox and trained by Chris Jordan, Cooper entered the MIW ring with all the fundamentals needed.

Proficient in both suplexes, and submission holds, Cooper was an instant formidable foe for any opponent.  And his early success in MIW caught the eye of promoters at Pro Wrestling Battle Ground and 7 Star Wrestling.

After 3 years in MIW, Cooper felt he was floundering, and joined forces with his former “Foundation” training partner, James Dawson. Along with manager Tom T Butterman, Ty Cooper has risen the ranks of MIW since the formation of this partnership.  Under this alliance, Cooper competed in his most high-profile feud in MIW culminating in a tag team match against JD Bandit and Scott Story.

2017 opened up to be the biggest year in Ty Cooper’s career.  February opened with his first Championship match in his career as he challenged JD Bandit in New Hope. He followed up that performance with MIW’s first ever hair-vs-Mustache match in Chanhassen.

Conclusion of MIW’s first-ever Hair-Vs-Mustache Match

 While he came up short in both of those encounters, the experience gave him the confidence to break away from his cohorts James Dawson, Stonehenge Joseph Wayne and Miami Money Aiden Wake and focus on himself.  Opportunity struck once more in February of 2017 in Columbia Heights as the Lion Open-Weight title was vacated and would be awarded to the winner of the MIW Rumble, Ty Cooper would be that winner, and capture his first ever wrestling championship.

Here were his excited thoughts after that match:

4 thoughts on “Wrestler Spotlight: “Mr Entertainment” TY Cooper

  1. Ty Cooper is the greatest thing to happen to pro wrestling since Ric Flair. I heard that he once beat Chuck Norris in an arm wrestling match, with both hands tied behind his back.


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