Event Review: Return to the Legion

MIW made our triumphant return to our home, the American Legion in Chanhassen MN on Saturday November 19th for what was another great night of exciting wrestling action.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

“Miami Money” Aiden Wake, at the ill-advised prompting of his manager Tom T Butterman, continues to attempt to assert himself into MIW’s thriving heavyweight division.  MIW’s veteran Heavyweight, and crowd favorite, El Bano, reminded Aiden Wake why the Heavyweight division is so competitive, as El Bano scored a pin fall victory, to the delight of the fans, in our opening contest.


Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

Gorgeous Jordy Lee, a staple of professional wrestling promotions across the state of Wisconsin, made his return to MIW, and his American Legion debut, taking on Officer Rob Justice.  Lee made an impressive showing to the Legion faithful, however, Officer Rob Justice showed why he is an MIW mainstay when he successfully spoiled Jordy’s legion debut.  MIW does hope to be able to work with Jordy Lee on future Legion events.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

After his Legion debut in March, the MIW fans have been clamoring for the return of Mr Big Deal Richard Lansing.  Once again, Lansing faced a tough task in the MIW Heavyweight Division, this time competing with Mr Entertainment Ty Cooper. Cooper attempted to utilize outside interference from his manager Tom T Butterman, but it backfired, and Lansing was able to defeat cooper in his second showing at the Legion.  Lansing now moves to 2-2 in MIW’s heavyweight division.  After the match, Cooper challenged Lansing to MIW’s first ever hair vs mustache match.  Lansing accepted, and MIW has made that match for our February 18th card back at the legion. Stay tuned for more on that card.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment


Stonehenge Joseph Wayne defeated The All-night Highlight Peter Schwanz in Schwanz’s MIW bebut.





Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

Scott Story w/ Playboy Pete Huge, defeated Wrestle Machine 804.  Huge wasted no time in pointing out that MIW owner Terry Fox was using undocumented wrestlers (Wrestle Machine 804 hails from parts unkown). The surprise of the evening came when Scott Story utilized Pete Huge’s old finishing maneuver The G-Spot to defeat Wrestle Machine.  After the match Pete Huge, who had to retire from in-ring action due to injuries, attacked Wrestle Machine.  To the delight of the crowd in attendance, El Bano came to the aid of his fellow masked wrestler.   The fans can feel the animosity building between El Bano and Scott Story, and we at MIW will try and make that match happen.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

In our main event of the evening, JD Bandit successfully defeated the returning Big Sep to retain the MIW Heavyweight championship.  Once again, JD Bandit showed that he is the flag bearer for MIW, and is making his case to be 2016’s MVP.

MIW will return to the Chanhassen American Legion on Saturday, January 7th for New Years Knockout


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