EVENT REVIEW: Collision in the Cage

MIW set-upon the jammed packed John Murzyn Hall in Columbia Heights MN for one of our twice annual events in that building, sponsored by the Columbia Heights Lions.  Fans in the area had been buzzing about the steel cage match since our March event.

15042217_1336581726372682_1249854706945236457_oIn March, Chris Jordan, Scott Story, Darin Corbin, and Ariya Diavari competed in an 4 man tournament to become the first ever LION Open-Weight Champion.  After two hard fought matches, Chris Jordan won that tournament, and that title.  Saturday night, The Lions were proud to honor Chris Jordan with a new championship belt. This is the title that will be defended at events sponsored by the Lions.

Knocked Out Entertainment


Electric Ryan Cruz defeated “Mr Entertainment” Ty Cooper in an exciting contest to open the show.





Knocked Out Entertainment

In a battle in MIW’s heavyweight division, newcomer Heavy Metal Lore took on long-time veteran, and former heavyweight champion, The Black Stallion.  Lore looked impressive, and even caught the Black Stallion off guard with this leaping dropkick.  But, in the end, the Black Stallion was victorious, and cemented himself as firmly back at the top of the heavyweight division.


Knocked Out Entertainment

Stonehenge Joseph Wayne, with his ever-present, ever annoying manager, Tom T Butterman defeated MIW fan -favorite El Bano.  For a man of his size, El Bano has suprising agility, which caught Stonehenge by suprise, and delighted the audience. However, with some questionable assistance from Butterman, Stonehenge was able to capitalize and earn the victory, in another heavyweight contest.


Knocked Out Entertainment

In our semi-main event match-up, two former friends and bitter rivals met in the ring, one more time. This time, with the MIW Heavyweight Championship on the line.  JD Bandit defended his title against Scott Story.  Story, who has aligned himself with “Playboy” Pete Huge in an effort to #MakeMIWGreatAgain, took this match as an opportunity to further their takeover of MIW.  JD Bandit, however, showed once again that he is not the future of MIW, he is the present, as he successfully defeated Scott Story, even with blatant interference from Pete Huge.  Will this be the end of Huge’s quest to takeover MIW, or just add fuel to the flame?

Knocked Out Entertainment

In our main event of the evening, “The Genuine Article” Chris Jordan defended the Lion Open-Weight Championship inside a steel cage against Big Sep.  Jordan issued an open challenge earlier in the night when his original opponent, James Dawson, had to be removed from the card due to injury. Big Sep, aligning himself with Tom Butterman accepted the match.

It was a hard hitting match, with both men being thrown into the heavy steel.  Chris Jordan received a cut above his eye, and began bleeding.  With blood in his eyes, he could barely see, and Big Sep began a vicious assault.  Somehow, Chris Jordan, with the crowd vociferously behind him, made a valiant comeback and was able to change the momentum of the match.  After landing the top rope “Air Jordan” elbow drop, Jordan pinned Big Sep to retain the title.



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