EVENT REVIEW: Wrestling for the Wounded Warriors

Veterans’ Day, Friday November 11th, MIW made its debut at Boy Scouts of America Base Camp in a fun-filled event, sponsored by the Wounded Warriors Project.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

In our opening match, one of the midwest’s young, up and coming stars, Scott Story battled a nationally known independent wrestling star in Darin Corbin.  To the delight, of the fans, Corbin emerged victorious with the “Ginger Snap,” but Scott Story showed once again, he is nipping at the heels of talents like Corbin.



Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

Known MIW loudmouth, and ingrate, “Miami Money” Aiden Wake, took it upon himself to try and climb into the heavyweight ranks of MIW.  (a division that is on fire with new and returning talent) Answering the challenge was, arguably the most popular wrestler in the history of MIW, El Bano.   El Bano made short work of Wake, showing that challenging in the heavyweight division is no easy task


Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

After nearly a year away from MIW, one of the most in-demand wrestlers in the Midwest Big Sep made his return to an MIW ring. It was no warm welcome back, as his first contest upon his return was against MIW’s franchise, “The Genuine Article” Chris Jordan.  Sep used his size and strength to keep the speed and athleticism of Jordan at bay; however after seizing a moment of momentum, Jordan was able to turn the tables and land a suicide dive onto Big Sep. The two would battle all over the building, and Big Sep would narrowly beat the ten-count back into the ring and be declared the winner by count-out.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

The fourth match of the evening saw another hard-fought contest in our heavyweight division as Heavy Metal Lore made his MIW debut.  The 290 lb rookie has been attracting attention already in his short career and was excited to test his talents against “Stonehenge” Joseph Wanye.  Wayne, who is still relatively new to the wrestling scene took this challenge as one of the most serious of his career.   With assistance from his manager, Tom T Butterman, Stonhenge was able to score the pinfall on Lore.  MIW fans can be assured that they will have more opportunities to see Heavy Metal Lore as, even in defeat, he impressed MIW managment.




Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

In our main event, “Mr. Big Deal” Richard Lansing challenged MIW JD Bandit.

This was Lansing’s first opportunity at a title and fans in attendance saw a new determination in the challenger.   JD Bandit’s confidence and ring presence has grown with every title defense since he won the title in March and he was determined to be up to the challenge.  The fans could feel that everything was on the line for these two competitors as they gave everything they had.  In the end, it was JD Bandit once again victorious.   After the match, Lansing vowed to MIW match-makers that he would do whatever it takes to climb to the number one contender slot again.

It was a great evening of wrestling action, MIW can’t thank the wounded warriors enough.

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