Wrestler Spotlight: JD Bandit

Its baffli14359269_1178174342242813_7063236130383486906_nng to believe that JD Bandit made his professional wrestling debut just two years ago in October of 2014, based on how much he has accomplished and how he carries himself.  In such a short time Bandit has made a lasting impact on MIW.  Less than a year into his career he and Scott Story defeated the Junk Squad to win the MIW Tag-Team Championships, ending the Junk squad’s nearly 4 year reign.

Adversity would soon follow as Scott Story turned on JD Bandit and went his separate way.  Bandit exacted a measure of revenge by defeating Scott Story in MIW’s first cage match in nearly 15 years.

JD Bandit followed that up by kicking off 2016 with a MIW Heavyweight Championship victory, defeating James Dawson, who had held the title since October.  In such a short time Bandit has held the MIW Tag-Team Title, Heavyweight title, and is the only wrestler in MIW History to be 2-0 in steel cage matches.

When MIW owner, Terry Fox, and members of the championship committee refer to Bandit as MIW’s future, its not just hyperbole. With so much talent at such a young stage of his career, Bandit is poised to carry MIW into the future.

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