Event Results: Friday Night Fights III

Minnesota Independent Wrestling made its return to the American Legion in Chanhassen MN on Friday September 30th to kick off its 10th season of wrestling at the Legion with a special Friday Night Fights edition.  The raucous crowd was treated to a stellar night of wrestling action from top to bottom.

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Right out of the gate the audience was electrified by arguably MIW’s most popular wrestler, El Bano as he went one on one with Stonehenge Joseph Wayne.  Attempted outside interference by Wayne’s manager Tom T Butterman, and partner Miami Money Aiden Wake, ended up costing Stonehenge the match, as the MIW season was officially kicked off with an El Bano victory. Did the miscue from Tom T Butterman signal cracks in the Deciples of Dawson?


Courtesy of: Knocked Out Entertainment

In the second match of the evening, the nefarious Scott Story defeated the wildly popular Husky Heartthrob Kody Rice, causing the MIW faithful in attendance to nearly revolt.  Of course, Scott Story delights in riling up the ire of the MIW fans, so for him the night was a double success.



Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

James Dawson, Tom T Butterman and the rest of the Disciples of Dawson returned and took it upon themselves to inform the fans of MIW that Stonehenge’s earlier loss in the evening was merely an accident and that they were poised to make the 10th season of MIW the best one yet.  Dawson then reminded the crowd (not that any of them asked him) that he was the last man who held the MIW Championship and was the youngest MIW Champion of all time. He told the audience that they would get back on track tonight and return to their past glory. Electric Ryan Cruz had other plans, and after heroically kicking out of Dawson’s super-kick, Cruz was able to score the pinfall on the former champion.



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In one of the most anticipated heavyweight match-ups in MIW in years, 15 year veteran Mitch Paradise took on the challenges of rookie upstart Mr Big Deal Richard Lansing. The MIW faithful in attendance were treated to a raw display of power from these two, like two bulls ramming into one another to assert their dominance.  In the end, it was Paradise’s experience that gave him the edge, but Lansing left that building that night with an earned respect from not only the MIW fans, but Paradise himself.  The future does look bright for Mr Big Deal, but Mitch Paradise is not yet ready to surrender his spot atop the heavyweight mountain.


captureTo the surprise, and initial delight of all in attendance, Playboy Pete Huge  made his return to the American Legion.  Huge’s last visit to the legion in April was his retirement match, and he had been offered various commissioner roles with MIW since then.  Pete Huge had a major announcement to make; he would not be taking any role within MIW! Pete Huge voiced is frustrations with MIW and especially owner Terry Fox.

Pete Proclaimed to “Make MIW Great AGAIN!” and introduced the man he planned to use as his conduit to change, the future of professional wrestling, Scott Story.




Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

In our main event of the evening, Chris Jordan and (champion) JD Bandit battled for over 25 minutes of non-stop back and forth action for the MIW Championship.  Jordan, as he promised, pulled out all the stops including tombstone piledriving Bandit on the Legion floor.  Bandit has the true heart of a champion though and was determined not to lose.  Bandit locked Jordan in the sharpshooter to the point where Jordan nearly passed out.  Jordan made it to the ropes, and upon a break, Jordan then captured Bandit in his own sharp shooter.  The two battled to the top rope where Jordan delivered a breathtaking superplex that left both men prone.

Courtesy of Knocked Out Entertainment

Never one to miss an opportunity, James Dawson and the Disciples of Dawson appeared in the ring and attacked both Jordan and Bandit, causing the referee to declare a no contest.  Ty Cooper was about send Bandit crashing through a table, when El Bano made the save. The crowd was electric as Jordan, Bandit, and El Bano battled off the Disciples of Dawson.  The aftermath left tables and bodies strewn about the Legion Hall.

MIW owner, Terry Fox declared that both Chris Jordan and JD Bandit would have an opportunity to get their hands on James Dawson when we return to the Legion Hall on November 19th in a triple threat match for the MIW Championship.



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