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Scott Story Victorious! Pete Huge Runs MIW

Scott Story defeated El Bano to hand control of MIW over to Playboy Pete Huge at MIW’s End Game which has sent shock waves through MIW. Pete Huge wasting little time in setting his agenda in motion as he already has made huge matchups.

Huge has set-up Scott Story to be the #15 entrant in the 15 man, over-the-top-rope MIW Rumble on February 25th.  And as set up the triple threat match between JD Bandit, Chris Jordan, and James Dawson for the American Legion on 3/25.  A match Pete Huge says Terry Fox has been trying (and failing) to make since September, but since Pete Huge is such a leader, he got the match made.

Speaking of Terry Fox, what will happen to him as he loses control of the company he’s run for nearly 20 years?

Exclusive: Pete Huge post-victory press-conference

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