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Volume III

Courtesy of Indulging Disorderly

After a short, six day reign as MIW Champion, “The Genuine Article” Chris Jordan was dethroned by Scott Story.   Story pinned El Bano in a triple threat match once Chris Jordan was pulled from the ring by Tomahawk Kid.

By capturing the MIW Championship, Scott Story becomes the youngest 3X Champion in MIW history.  With Pete Huge in full control of MIW, and a new ally in Tomahawk Kid, will Scott Story’s title reign be never ending?

Next up for MIW are two huge April Events.  April 14th MIW says goodbye for the Season to the American Legion in Chanhassen at No Survivors.  The Black Plague laid waste to most of the MIW locker room in March.  Will there be anyone to survive the Plague?

Then its off to “Big Trouble in New Hope” as MIW returns for its 10th annual event to benefit Holy Nativity’s youth ministry program.   Chris Jordan and Black Stallion team for the first time in over two years to take on the Black Plague, and Scott Story defends the MIW Championship.