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Title vs Career



For the last 10 years, Chris Jordan has been the cornerstone of  MIW.  His 371 day championship reign from 2012-2013 is the longest in MIW history.

With President Pete Huge at his side, “The Never Ending” Scott Story has been “the man” in MIW for the last year.  Since February 2017, Scott Story has had two title reigns for a total of 345 days.  Scott Story is the youngest two-time MIW Champion in history.

Admittedly, the veteran Chris Jordan’s days in professional wrestling are winding down.  Scott Story is a star on the rise.

Will Scott Story add another milestone to his young career, or does Chris Jordan have one more run in him on top of the MIW mountain?

Is MIW ready for life after Chris Jordan?  Is Chris Jordan ready for life after professional wrestling?  Don’t miss out on All on the Line  at the Murzyn Hall in Columbia Heights on February 24th .