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Courtesy of Indulging Disorderly

While Pete Huge was attending prior engagements during MIW’s 8/26 Parking Lot Brawl Event, MIW Owner, Terry Fox took the opportunity to reclaim a little authority in his own promotion.

Terry Fox utilized a vacancy in the Steel Cage Match as an opportunity to reinstate former MIW Champion JD Bandit.  By winning the cage match, Bandit is now the #1 contender to Scott Story’s MIW Championship.

The next chapter in the bitter rivalries between Scott Story and JD Bandit and Terry Fox and Pete Huge come to a collision point on September 30th when MIW returns to Forest Lake.  Will JD Bandit recapture the title he held for 364 days?  Will this be the final chapter in Scott Story’s championship reign?



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