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A New Champion Crowned!

Courtesy of Heel Turn Radio

After a grueling and hard-fought Triple Threat Match, JD Bandit captured Chris Jordan in the scorpion death-lock and Jordan was forced to tap out, allowing JD Bandit to retain his championship in his most threatening defense.  After the contest, Stonehenge, Aiden Wake, and Ty Cooper all stormed the ring and a mele ensued.  In the fracas, a masked Russian blind-sided Bandit.  Pete Huge took that opportunity to set-up an impromtu title defense and granted Scott Story a title match right there.   After landing the G-Spot, Scott Story was crowned the new MIW Champion.

After the event, MIW President Pete Huge had these announcements

MIW is  back in action April 22nd at the American Legion of Forest Lake for Forest Lake Fights II.